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With well-planned Daily Group Istanbul Pamukkale Tour, we’ll depart from Istanbul and go to Denizli to see one of true wonders of Nature: Pamukkale (travertines)! Translated as “Cotton Castle” into English, Pamukkale is actually where will blow your mind thanks to its white, pure beauty. Its natural formation coming from eruptions of Pamukkale Mountain and thermal-water floods thousands of years ago, Pamukkale also has a deep history. That is why, actually it is on UNESCO World Heritages list.

In short, you have many reasons to visit Pamukkale, and choose us while doing that. We’ll take you to the best parts of Pamukkale and expand your cultural accumulation thanks to our professional guides.

So, let’s learn more about the tour day!

    Departure Pickup from your hotel
    Departure Time
    • Tour Days:
    • Time: 1 Day .
    What is included? Free Hotel Transfer Service
    Domestic Flight Tickets in the itinerary with 15 kg luggage allowance – 8 kg for cabin
    Lunch (Vegetarian and vegan options are available. Please specify before booking your tour.)
    Entrance fees to the scheduled museums
    Parking Fees
    A professional English speaking tour guide licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
    What is not included? Any personal expenses
    Any Drinks
    Optional Tours
    What to bring with you? Passports
    Comfortable Clothes
    Comfortable Shoes
    Sun cream, Hat

    Perfect Route of Daily Group Istanbul Pamukkale Tour

    After picking you up at the pre-arranged hour, we’ll go to Istanbul Airport to take a flight to Denizli. Then, we’ll enjoy a short ride and get to Pamukkale. In Daily Group Istanbul Pamukkale Tour we will visit:

    • Pamukkale Travertines
    • Hierapolis Museum
    • Hierapolis Theatre
    • Ancient Roman Baths and Temple of Apollo
    • Cleopatra Pool (Swimming in there requires an entrance fee)

    Pamukkale Travertines: Representative of Unique Nature of Pamukkale

    Uniqueness of Pamukkale is not something you can find everywhere. Actually, it is one of the rarest places in the world by having natural travertines filled with thermal waters and white clay that are perfect for health and skin. So, we’ll start by visiting them all.

    Looking like gigantic stairway steps climbing to the top of Pamukkale Mountain, Pamukkale travertines are perfect for photography. They are like shallow white pools, so you can enjoy relaxing in them for a while or benefit from its healing mud at the bottom. While learning the formation story of Pamukkale, connecting with it personally will be quite interesting!

    Hierapolis: Greet the Ancient Eras

    After completing our visit to Pamukkale travertines, we’ll reach to the top of Pamukkale Mountain. In there, the historical journey will begin: Get ready to embrace ancient eras, warriors, Gods and Goddesses and your ancestors!

    Generally well-preserved ancient city called Hierapolis will welcome you warmly. Known as “city of Roman Baths” in the ancient eras, Hierapolis still has the ruins of these baths along with other lovely relics. So, we’ll see the bests of them. Specifically, we’ll see the grand theatre, Temple of Apollo and Cleopatra Pool. We guarantee that you love every one of it! As a note here, you can also swim in Cleopatra Pool which is believed to be visited by Cleopatra once, but you have to pay the entrance fee.

    Join a Journey in Magical Pamukkale

    In short, you’ll connect with the history and nature thanks to Daily Group Istanbul Pamukkale Tour. Moreover, you’ll visit one of the most important places in Turkey. And the only thing you should do is to book this program online or contact us for further information!

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