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Daily Kemer Istanbul Tour is a perfect excursion for those who admire cultural and historical world heritages, want to learn the history by viewing the significant landmarks or buildings that belong to the special time periods, and mix to the captivating atmospheres: Istanbul is the best city to make them real perfectly.
The cultural center of Turkey is definitely Istanbul, previously known as Constantinople. Amazing location that connects two continents slightly, authentic vibes, and striking buildings reflect the glamor of Ottoman or Roman Empire of Istanbul will make you fall in love with it at the first sight!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Entry Tickets
English – speaking guide
Bosphorus Dinner Cruise
Entrance tickets (Harem in Topkapi Palace excluded)

What is not included?

Any personal expenses

What to bring with you?

Sunglasses, Hat, Camera
Comfortable shoes

Let’s Get Started

Of course, before mixing to the incredible atmosphere of Istanbul, we need to get to there first.
To do so, we will pick you up from your hotel in Kemer by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle. Then, we will take a road trip to Antalya Airport where we will take a plane.
The flight will last for 1 hour and 20 minutes approximately. We suggest you to relax your body or sleep during this short period before beginning our very busy day.
When you land in Istanbul, you will be welcomed warmly by our professional tour guide. He then will be in charge of everything: You can ask questions about the tour, route, timing or whatever you want. And the journey will begin!

Topkapi Palace: A Glamorous Residence of Sultans

The first landmark you will see in our Daily Kemer Istanbul Tour program is Topkapi Palace, accommodated by the sultans of Ottoman Empire. Even if it was meant to be a residence, the sultans used this place not only for relaxing but also ruling Ottoman armies and government.
In short, along with its striking beauty, Topkapi Palace is important for carrying the textures of Ottoman history.
Also, in Topkapi Palace Museum, you can see outstanding collection of objects such as:

  • Imperial Treasury
  • sacred Islamic relics of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Ottoman jewelry, belts and traditional clothing
  • Chinese porcelain and weapons

1-Hour Break

After visiting Topkapi Palace, you will enjoy 1-hour break to have a tasty lunch, buy some souvenirs, take amazing photos or observe the energetic local life. We suggest you to taste some of the local foods and beverages so as to understand why Turkish cuisine is quite popular and refill your energy bar!

Hippodrome Square: 3 Empires in 1 Place

Hippodrome Square is another very important tourist destination. Since this square gathers important monuments and structures up, you will take a walk and visit them all in a short time while learning their importance by the professional guide at the same time.
You will see:

  • The Column of Constantine Porphyrogenitus
  • Serpentine Column
  • Obelisk of Theodosius
  • The German Fountain
  • The ruins of Hippodrome (This is where civil people have met and watched chariot races in Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras successively.)

Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque)

Next, Istanbul excursion will continue with a visit to famous Blue Mosque.
Its 6-minaret structure that reflects the gorgeous eras of Ottoman Empire will immediately charm you. And the best thing about Blue Mosque, which is also the reason why “Blue” title was given to it by the tourists, is hidden inside of the building: Blue Mosque has grand walls covered with magnificent blue tiles.
This sacred building is decorated perfectly in and out and if there is no prayer time, you can enter the mosque and view the perfect interior design of it. However, during the prayer time, the entrance is not available.

Egyptian Bazaar

In our daily Kemer Istanbul Excursion, we will visit Egyptian Bazaar next. As traditional as famous Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi), you can enjoy such an authentic experience of shopping in Egyptian Bazaar!
Including spices, sweets, souvenirs, textile, jewelry and more, the variety of the products that are sold by local crafts is quite impressing. You can buy anything you can imagine, especially traditional stuff or foods, and also, learn how to bargain from the masters!

Bosporus Boat Trip

After enjoying a delightful shopping session, we will walk towards the seaside, where the boats depart form.
You can pay for a Bosporus Boat Trip ticket then, and have a seat on the deck. At the departure time, the boat will start sailing along famous Bosporus. And you will be able to observe all of the natural and architectural beauties that decorate the coasts of Istanbul.
To make this moment much more unique, you can buy a “Simit” (a type of pastry with O shape and sesames) and throw some of the pieces of it to the seagulls and share the delight! Fresh air, chatters of local people and calming sounds of waves will fill you up with ultimate peace and joy.

A Tasty Dinner

Before going back to the airport, we will visit a local restaurant and have a very delicious dinner. A rich menu including hot and cold snacks, salads, fish/meatballs or chicken, fruits or sweets will be given to you and you can choose anything you want.
As an important note here, the dinner is not included in the tour price.

Goodbye Istanbul

When we are full and ready to get back to Antalya and Kemer, you will be transferred to the airport approximately at 20:00 by a comfortable and modern vehicle. Then, you will take a flight to Antalya.
Once you arrive at Antalya Airport, we will take you back to Kemer by our comfortable car. And this full-day Istanbul excursion from Kemer will end as soon as you return to your hotel with great memories.
If you like the content of our Daily Kemer Istanbul Tour, you can book it online or contact us for further information!

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