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Day Trip from Belek to Istanbul is an easy and amazing way to explore Istanbul during your vacation in Belek.

Once called Byzantium, and then Constantinople, Istanbul is quite valuable in terms of history and culture.

Moreover, its location has always made the city desirable for foreign invaders, and brought hard times for its ancient citizens.

By coming with us, you will see the marks of this conflict of victories and defeats.

Istanbul combines the best features of East and West. And in a day, you will depart from Belek to Istanbul to explore its both modern and authentic sides:

The melt pot of ancient cultures, Istanbul will charm you at the first sight.
So, now, let’s learn the entire program!

What is included?

Transfer from / to the hotel
Air-conditioned vehicle
Flight ticket from Belek to Istanbul
Flight ticket from Istanbul to Belek
English – speaking guide
Entrance tickets (Harem in Topkapi Palace excluded)

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Any Drinks

What to bring with you?

For a visit in the Blue Mosque, woman need to have scarfs, covered arms and legs
Comfortable clothes and shoes, headgears, sunglasses and cream; Money to pay for additional services;

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Flight & Going to Istanbul

To start Day Trip from Belek to Istanbul, our driver will come at the appointed time to pick up from the hotel.

Then, after a comfortable ride, you will arrive to the airport and take a plane to Istanbul.

Then, you’ll land in Istanbul and welcomed by our crew. And the journey will begin!

Blue Mosque

The first destination of the day trip will be famous Blue Mosque, also known as SultanAhmet Mosque.

The mosque was built roughly 400 years ago and is still a sacred place to worship the god. That is why, Blue Mosque is not always open to tourists as there are prayer hours during which Muslims come to the mosque.

The mosque gets its name from one important detail in its interior design:

There are over 20,000 magnificent blue tiles.

Also, the mosque has five main domes, eight secondary domes and six minarets. While observing its beauty, you’ll listen to its stories, too.


The Importance of Blue Mosque

The architectural style of Blue Mosque includes Byzantine period’s Christian aspects and essential elements of the traditional Islamic style.

The Blue Mosque is often referred as the last mosque of the classical period of the Ottoman Empire.

The most significant part of the interior of the Blue Mosque is the part called “mihrab”.

This particular mihrab is made of marble, designed uniquely. You will adore every detail of it.

Topkapi Palace

Next, we’ll head to Topkapi Museum.

Actually, Topkapi Palace is a museum now, but during the 15th century, it was the center of the political life of the Ottoman Empire. Topkapi was the center of ruling the city, and residence of sultans.

This splendid palace was very politically important until the 17th century.

In the meantime, several new palaces were built, and the new sultans loved them more than Topkapi.

At the end of Ottoman era, specifically in 1923, Topkapi Palace was turned into a famous museum.

Today, the museum is run by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Tourists who visit Topkapi Palace can see the Ottoman Imperial Harem, Treasury, Kaşıkçı Diamond, the famous Topkapi Dagger, and much more.

Hippodrome of Constantinople

Next, we’ll visit Hippodrome.

The Hippodrome of Constantinople is located in the SultanAhmet area.

Hippodrome was a public place, mainly used for chariot racing in the ancient world.

Today, there are many interesting landmarks nearby it such as the Serpent Column, the Obelisk of Constantine, the Egyptian Obelisk and the German Fountain of Wilhelm II. You will take a look at them, too!

Egyptian Bazaar

One of our favorite spots on this trip is definitely the amazing Egyptian Bazaar, also known as Spice Market.

This special market was built to finance the operation of the new mosque in Ottoman era.

Spice Market was named as “Egyptian Bazaar” because it was built with the funds collected from tax revenues of goods imported from Egypt.

Today, the market currently has 85 stores that sell a wide range of products such as spices, sweets, soaps, souvenirs, tea, dried fruits, nuts, herbal medicines and more.

So, you’ll both enjoy the view and shopping.

Bosphorus Cruise & The End

Lastly, we’ll travel along the Bosphorus in a grand boat.

During the cruise, you can enjoy beautiful views of both coasts of Asia and Europe.

You can also feed the seagulls, listen to the sound of the waves and mix to atmosphere of the famous Bosphorus.

Day Trip from Belek to Istanbul is an incredible opportunity to travel to the Istanbul for a day. If you think so, you can contact us for booking!

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Reviews About Day Trip from Belek to Istanbul

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6 May 2020

Although they write on this site that a one-day excursion from Belek to Istanbul is an easy way to explore this Istanbul, I would not be so categorical 🙂 This is not a one-day excursion, but one-day, but I want to say that this is the only negative that I managed to find. To be objective, it is necessary to be able to organize such a round trip and entertain tourists there. A separate plus must be put for such professionalism. Istanbul left many impressions. Thank you, on the whole I liked everything.

9 September 2020

I have long wanted to visit Istanbul, but it didn’t work, because like everyone’s vacation only once a year, besides, it’s short and you have to choose – either a beach vacation or a trip. You can, of course, fly to a beach vacation, and then go to travel on your own, but for this you have to bother buying tickets, book a hotel, and think over a route. This is for the achievers 🙂 It seems that travel agents also realized this and began to finally offer excursions within the country. I must say, this is very convenient: I am ready to pay to be shown everything to me. In addition, on this particular site, everything is offered at a fairly reasonable price. In general, I arrived in Belek, basked a little on the beach and decided to visit Istanbul. In fact, they actually entertained me: they took me from the hotel to the airport, then flew to Istanbul, there we were met by a English guide, then Istanbul itself, then the plane and transfer back to the hotel. In Istanbul, they were in all popular historical places, I will not list, as stated on this site, this is how it was. I RECOMMEND.

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