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Dinopark in Kemer is where you will go on a fascinating adventure during which you will meet the oldest inhabitants of our world!

In other words, in the largest interactive park on the Antalya coast, Dinopark, you will be able to see different types of dinosaurs!

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Dinopark Amazes Both Children and Adults

Let us inform you about this place shortly: Kemer Dinopark in is located near a Turkish village called Goynuk.

And the park covers more than 30,000 square meters, which makes it the largest amusement park in Turkey in this type.

Also, what makes Dinopark one of the best examples of the all thematic parks in Turkey is probably its surrounding:

The Park is inside of a forest so that you will never swelter during your walk! In other words, you will view the enormous dinosaurs at the most comfortable and fresh way…

The Sections of Dinopark

The territory of Dinopark in Kemer is conventionally divided into two zones. The main area is interactive:

You can wander through the endless maze and come across the representatives of the fauna of the Mesozoic era.

More than 30 real-life-size-dinosaurs will amaze you with their giant bodies and powerful growls!

Dinosaurs will react to you thanks to their sensors. Some will be happy to meet you, on the contrary, other might seem threatening to you! Yet, no worries:

They only represent the wildness of their spirits! Also, you will be warmly welcomed in this park!

So, whenever you are ready, walk around and meet the creatures of our planet which have lived hundreds of thousands of centuries ago.

And if you are especially interested in these eras, you can take a part in the archaeological excavations!

Other Amazing Features of Dinopark

In addition to the main dinosaur area of Dinopark in Kemer, there is also a second recreational area where you can find special activities that you can attend.

For example, you can head to the 7D cinema, where you can enjoy an eerily movie that will take you back to the Mesozoic era.

If you are really brave, you can also enter a horror room. In there, you will have some challenges and by solving the puzzles or finding the required stuff, you will try to get out of there.

Of course, you will always feel the goosebumps all over your skin!

We are shouting out to the fans of outdoor activities: we recommend you to join in rock climbing!

If you already get excited, the huge rope park in Dinopark is at your service. You can try yourself in rock climbing by trying to conquer the top of a climbing wall, or maybe by passing some obstacles – the choice is always yours.

If you miss the wildlife, however, you can always get back to the zoo.

The Best Place to Visit in Kemer

Travel with us to Dinopark in Kemer:  We will plunge into the world of entertainment, history and archeology!

All the things you will see in there and all the emotions you will feel will make your vacation in Kemer, Antalya much more delightful!

In short, book this tour online quickly or contact us for all of your questions. We are waiting for you!

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