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    1. Stop: Dolmabahçe Palace
    2. Stop: Bosphorus Bridge
    3. Stop: Çamlıca Hill

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    If you are willing to come Istanbul, daily tours in Istanbul will make your holiday fascinating. You will have a big chance to see both Dolmabahce and two continents at the same time.Turkey is bestowed with the combination of god gifted natural scenery and man-made structure which dates back to the glory days of Byzantine Empire. It is the only country of the World with join two continent, of great importance, Asia and the Europe, which is considered as one of the best spots at your daily tour in Istanbul including Dolmabahce Palace.As for buildings and structures os great importance, Dolmabahce Palace, which belongs to Ottoman Empire has certainly livened up to people’s long lasted memory as being one of the dominant places to visit your daily tour in Istanbul.

    Dolmabahce Palace

    On excursion along with Bosphorus tour, you will come along with some beautiful landscape and buildings to exhibit. Among these notable constructions of a past era, one might catch your attention to more than you’ll manage, as being locally called Dolmabahce Sarayi.

    A 600m long palace, that operated as one of the main residences of administration of the Ottoman Empire. Build by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1856.

    Dolmabahce Palace was designed by Armenian architect Karabet Balian along with hin son Nikogos Balian who took inspiration with many adversaries of architectural beauty such as neoclassical, rococo and modern Ottoman, immerse with extravagance.

    On touring the room, which is extracted from rosewood, mahogany and ebony, further amplifies the appeal from the modern architecture mixed with royal-like attitude.

    On visualizing at the ceiling, the mesmerizing 4.5 ton chandelier from the days of Queen Victoria which has the honour of being the largest Bohemian crystal chandelier hangs with all its exquisiteness and glamour to portrait the lavish lifestyle of Ottoman era.

    For the fact lovers, the construction of Dolmabahce Palace cost five million Ottoman mecidiye gold coins, which is equivalent to 1.5 billion in 2018, demonstrating true financial prowess of Ottoman back in their heydays.

    The Two Continents

    Try asking a local, what continent does Turkey belong, Asia or Europe. The answer you will hear in a proud tone would be both.

    The Bosphorus Bridge which is a great spot of sightseeing is the dividing point of two continents, Europe and Asia.

    Nowhere in the World, you will experience such thrill and enthusiasm of observing Bosphorus Straits which is the epicentre for the amalgamation point between the large continents of the World. Throughout history, this spot has remained an integral focal point between mighty civilization to conquer.

    Istanbul is filled with spots that will not only keep you occupied during you daily tour in Istanbul but will make you full with exciting memories in your days ahead.

    Camlica Hill

    Çamlıca Hill, famous for its widest bird’s eye panoramic view of İstanbul from Marmara Sea to the Black Sea, gives a chance to see the Bosphorus and Golden Horn from one of the best point of the highest and most appealing places of the city.

    Make sure you emptied your memory card because these pictures will be overflowing within hours of your arrival at Istanbul, the city where two continents meet…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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