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Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces of the world by carrying outstanding features with it; deserves to be at the list of places to visit in Istanbul, indeed it is.

Bosphorus Tour + Dolmabahce Palace & Two Continents Price - 50 Euro

What is included?

A pick up and drop back services by A/C transportations (From/to in-city hotels)
Museum entrance fees
English Speaking Professional Guide

What is not included?

Personal expenses

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Warm clothing

Money for personal expenses

Dolmabahce Palace Interior Visit

With the design of imperial architects Garabet and Nikogos Balyan, it has been built in 1856 at the request of Abdulmecid I. Located at nearby Bosphorus, it was the favorite place for sultans for enjoying the view.

After the War of Independence and establishment of Republic of Turkey, leaded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; the Parliament has decided to use Dolmabahce as a presidential place.

Before it has been turned into a museum after the death of Atatürk, he has used to stay there to welcome foreign guests.

What makes Dolmabahce Palace special is of course the mixture of two periods of Turkey: Brilliance, luxury and splendor of Ottoman Empire and the modernity and elegance and of new, modern Turkey.

It has three main sections such as Administrative apartments, Ceremonial Hall and Imperial Harem. Overall, there are 285 rooms, 46 reception halls and galleries, 6 Turkish baths and 68 toilets. With the Dolmabahce Palace interior visit, you will have further information about the important parts of it.

Bosphorus Bridge

As being the link between the continents Asia and Europe, Istanbul; one of the most popular items of Istanbul, Bosphorus Bridge also connects east and west of Turkey.

It simply reflects the importance of the geopolitical location of Istanbul for which there have been battles to capture. It is also the first bridge that has been built on Bosphorus in 1973.

Besides from its importance in history and transportation, you can see how can a piece of iron be one of the pretty symbols of Istanbul; especially, with its amazing lightning at night.

During a diner or a Bosphorus cruise, you can see its effective design which will probably resemble you Golden Gate Bridge. While you are passing by underneath of it, you can feel how small you are, and think how many things there are to explore in Istanbul, Turkey, even world.

Camlica Hill

In Uskudar district, there is the highest hill of Istanbul called Camlica Hill, with the altitude of 268 meters. As nearly all of the guests who have been there before say that, Camlica Hill has one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul thanks to its panoramic angle towards Bosphorus.

It is especially a spectacular source for all kinds of photographers and painters, for the inspiration. If you are not, do not worry; you still will be enjoying one of the prettiest images of Istanbul.

Covered with grasses and trees, you can also enjoy the nature and fresh air of there. Watching the Bosphorus, two continents that Bosphorus Bridge connects to, Golden Horn, significant buildings nearby the sea and the ships that floats on the Marmara Sea, during sitting on the grasses will make you feel calm and happy.

Pierre Loti Hill & Cable Car

Imagine a view of a hill that provides the inspiration to a writer that he writes a novel during watching it. This, Pierre Loti Hill, has had the blessings for the writer called Louis Marie Julien Viaud; and this name is also the answer of “Who is Pierre Loti?” question.

After falling in love with Istanbul and lived there (specifically, in Eyup) time to time, he has started to come to Pierre Loti Hill frequently and has written some of his works there.

When you visit Pierre Loti Hill, you will see the reason of this tremendous love of Viaud; yet, as a hint, you can memorize some related words such as Bosphorus view, nature, panoramic view of Bosphorus and Marmara Sea, to get the answer.

To reach to the top of the Pierre Loti, cable cars are used; and after such a thrilling transportation, you will be sipping your Turkish coffee during enjoying one of the most beautiful scenes of Istanbul.

Cruise on the Golden Horn and Bosphorus

Among all of the things to do in Istanbul, probably the most popular one is to have a cruise on the waves of Golden Horn and Bosphorus. Especially for ones who will come to Istanbul for the first time, it is an inevitable event regardless of local or foreign tourists.

What makes enrolling in the cruise so popular, you may wonder; of course, the chance for seeing the significant places and buildings of Istanbul even without moving!

Also, what is more relaxing than watching the surfs of the waves which reflects the little pieces of sunshine, while glancing at the important points of Istanbul? With the cruise on the Golden Horn and Bosphorus, you will be able to rest, explore, have fun, find peace, learn and have a high-quality time.

Stop Over at Anadolu Kavağı

At the last stop of the tour, you will reach somewhere which is worth all of the efforts, tiredness and waiting for. This place locates in Beykoz, as a touristic fishing town: Anadolu Kavagi.

What makes Anadolu Kavagi so beautiful is its amazing natural view of dominantly green and blue color scale, among the little boats. Since it is still kind of a hidden beauty in Istanbul, it preserves the cleanness, naturality and sincerity.

The history of Anadolu Kavagi has deep roots in the history, and as an interesting fact, the local people of the town keep gaining money from fishing for a long time.

In Anadolu Kavagi, you can visit Castle Yoros, which is the most popular visiting point of the town; and Midilli Ali Reis Mosque, which locates at the center as the one and only mosque of there. Also, in the town, eating sea foods such as fishes and stuffed mussels is highly demanded.

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