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Edirne Tour from Istanbul is an amazing option, especially if you would like to explore the reflections of Ottoman Empire.

Since Edirne province of Turkey was very significant for the sultans of Ottoman Empire, this city holds many breathtaking buildings and monuments.

The glamour of those years, the ancient and successful designs and a very deep history will be your companions during the entire journey.

In short, you will never regret getting from Istanbul to Edirne: actually, in a day, you will have doubled the things you know about the culture and history of Turkey. And this is equal to a lovely, exciting lecture on the roads!

What is included?

A pick up and drop back services by A/C transportations (From/to in-city hotels)
English Speaking Professional Guide

What is not included?

Personal expenses

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Warm clothing
Money for personal expenses

What Can You Expect from This Edirne Day Trip from Istanbul?

In this Edirne excursion, you will be able to visit one of the capitals of Ottoman Empire. The most outstanding architectural works of that particular era, delightful landscapes and of course, a lot of information (thanks to our professional guides) will welcome you.

Also, we will enjoy a tasty lunch, too!

In a nutshell, all of your expectations will be met. Now, let us give you some facts about the places that we will visit during our Edirne Tour from Istanbul.

Old Mosque: An Ancient Islamic Art

At the heart of Edirne, Old Mosque arises from the ground and charms all people that look at it!

It is decorated with original, delicate calligraphies on its walls. What makes it special, though, is its age, for sure: It was opened in 1414. In other words, you will be viewing one of the oldest structures in Edirne.

Uc Serefeli Mosque: The Power of “Three”

Can be translated as “the Mosque with Three Balconies”, Uc Serefeli Mosque will be the next stop of us. Of course, you can already imagine the brilliance of it due to the special design.

After a 10-year construction period, in 1447, one of the grandest Islamic symbols of Edirne was opened. Especially its courtyard will be your favorite part of it, because it is wide, bright and gorgeous!

Selimiye Mosque: The Symbol of Edirne

The next stop, Selimiye Mosque is one of the most important works of Architect Sinan. If you have no idea who he is (you will have more details during the tour), you can remember him as the greatest architect of Ottoman Empire. And he labeled this mosque as his “mastery work”.

Now, you can imagine the significance of it!

Its architectural features are not given here to avoid giving spoilers; yet, the mosque is so beautiful that it is on the list of World Heritages of UNESCO.

Semiz Ali Pasha Bazaar

We will continue our Edirne tour by visiting a bazaar, which is also designed by Sinan.

You can purchase some souvenirs here, after learning its importance and viewing its striking beauty.

Shopping in this long, tunnel-like old bazaar will be an unforgettable activity.

Meric Bridge: Connection of the Past

Next, we will head to an outstanding symbol of Edirne: Meric Bridge. Again, this structure dates back to the Ottoman period and it carries its magnificent vibes of it.

Moreover, this bridge is enormous with its 263-meter length, 7-meter wide and 13 feet; in other words, you will get fascinated while walking on it!

The Tower Gate

After the visit to the bridge, we will head to the Tower Gate that reflects Byzantine marks on it, since it is even older than the Ottoman remains. Simply, it is a very important part of the Roman defensive system.

Beyazit Kulliyesi: The Center of Health

Lastly, we will head to Beyazit Kulliyesi, which can be categorized as a “social complex”. In the boundaries of this structure, a mosque, kitchen, warehouse, madrasah, health complex and hammam can be viewed. In Ottoman era, it was very famous for being the center of successful treatments.

Still, it is the symbol of healthcare of Edirne.

To sum up, Edirne tour from Istanbul is full of information, history and striking architectural memories. Especially if you are into learning through travelling, this daily excursion in Istanbul will make your day completely perfect!

To learn more about it, you can easily contact us!

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