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Our Ephesus Highlights Tour is perfect for those that like to see one of the old world’s treasures while also getting in some great scenery. The excursion is also good for those interested in learning more about the history and secret of this interesting ancient site.
Ps: It’ll take 5 hours minimum.

Let’s Start

Professional guides will welcome you at the harbor. Then, you’ll walk to the summit of a mountain to visit Virgin Mary House.

House of Mary

Welcome where Mary spent her last days!

You’ll see different part of the house but we think you’ll love somewhere most. Especially a unique place with a unique story is interesting:

A smaller chamber on the right side is typically identified with the real room where the Virgin Mary is said to have slept.

According to Marian legend, a river used to run through the smaller room where the Virgin Mary slept and relaxed, leading to the current tap outside the building construction.

You’ll see and love it.

Pilgrims have utilized a special “wishing wall” outside of the monument by tying their own desires on paper or cloth.

A variety of flowers and fruits are planted too. Enjoy the view and wish for something!

You’ll love its aura and architecture.

Ancient City of Ephesus

After touring the House of the Virgin Mary, you will be escorted to the Ancient City of Ephesus.

With your guide, you’ll take a leisurely stroll through the remnants of a Roman metropolis.

Your route takes you by the greatest areas of Ephesus, including the library, temples, and other attractions.

This is one of Izmir’s most well-known monuments. Ephesus, a World Heritage Site and one of the Cities Of the ancient World, is worthy of note.

Ephesus, a Greek and Roman seaport was built by the ancient Greeks.

Here, you’ll read the history again and again. Enjoy your time learning and exploring!

Temple of Artemis

Next stop is Temple of Artemis (Diana). The temple was one of the Ancient World’s Seven Wonders.

The Temple of Artemis is regarded as one of the beauties of the ancient world.

Unfortunately, visitors may only view the ruins of the temple now. On the other hand, our tour guide will provide you with an informative overview of the monument.

As a result, you’ll be able to visualize its tremendous size before entering the ruins.

Carpet Factory

Now, time is ticking to see traditional works! We’ll take you somewhere for handcrafted carpet and rug artwork.

Classic weaving techniques and products of them will be exhibited. Learn and examine those amazing stuff!

End of the Tour

When we see it all, we’ll end the session and you’ll be free to enjoy your day as you wish!

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