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We are sure our Fethiye Oludeniz Pirate Boat Trip will be your favorite boat tour in the summer of 2022.

Because during this tour, you will visit the most beautiful spots of Fethiye and swim in wonderful places!

Moreover, all-day fun, party atmosphere and joy await you on the deck!

The best thing is, on this tour, you sail to the depths not on an ordinary boat, but on a huge pirate boat! Get ready to be a captain…

Get excited already? So let’s find out more.

What is included?

Swimming stops

What is not included?

Drinks & Snacks
Personal Expenses

What to bring with you?

Sun Cream

Amazing Fethiye Oludeniz Pirate Boat Trip Starts

First of all, to start Fethiye Oludeniz Pirate Boat Trip, we’ll leave the pier of Oludeniz at the prearranged time.

Then, we’ll begin to sail to the depths according to our route. During our daily boat tour program, which will last for 6-7 hours, we’ll give breaks at the designated places.

During these breaks, you can swim or sunbathe as you wish: The choice is yours! In any case, you’ll have fun and relax.

Do not forget to enjoy the clean water, the sun and the fresh air! A safe holiday away from the crowds awaits you…

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is our first stop. Sharp slopes, lush green cover and shining waters…

Swimming here is an invaluable experience.

After enjoying the clear waters covered by unique shade of Butterfly Valley and getting tired, we will have a delicious meal break on the boat.

We will offer our menu consisting of fried chicken, salad, rice/pasta and appetizers. You will enjoy it too!

Then, we will go to other stops.

Aquarium Bay

Next, we will stop at Aquarium Bay, which reflects its name beautifully. Here you will admire the shades of blue and green and swim with pleasure.

St. Nicolas Island

Of course, we will not return without stopping by St Nicolas Island, which can only be reached by boat trips from Fethiye Oludeniz!

According to locals, the highest point of this island is dedicated to St Nicolas.

You will listen to this important figure known as Santa Claus and his stories thanks to our guide, and learn new things.

Soguk Su Bay

Our next stop will welcome us with its icy waters and invite us to their blue shades to revive.

Dive into waters of Soguk Su Bay and feel like you’re reborn!

Camel Beach & The End

Our last stop will be the famous Camel Beach. After spending time in the cold waters of Soguk Su Bay, we will enjoy the sandy and warm waters here.

Enjoy the sweet weather of the afternoon with a nice swimming break!

Then, unfortunately, it will be time to go back. We will return to the harbor and say goodbye to each other!

Now, if you like the content of Fethiye Oludeniz Pirate Boat Trip, book it now or check all Fethiye excursions we have!

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