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Fethiye to Rhodes day trip is a key for linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Aegean Sea at the best way.

If you wonder why, we can say that you will enjoy the tour very much, since you will be able to adore two different cultures, histories and lives only by spending 1,5 hours:

The reflection of the Mediterranean beauty of Mother Nature; Fethiye will coalescence to a small, wonderful Greek island, Rhodes Island.

Moreover, you will be free to choose how to spend your time while enjoying this breathtaking friendship.

Thus, if you are already interested, to be able to learn what this union will be like, please keep reading the next paragraphs, which provide the detailed information.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Full Insurance
Round-Trip Ferry Tickets

What is not included?

Your Expenses in Rhodes Island
Port Tax – 2€

What to bring with you?

Comfortable Shoes
Sun Cream

Fethiye to Rhodes Day Trip 

Before enjoying the hybrid of these two amazing places and cultures, there is a preparation session that should take a place.

  • Firstly, since we will leave the boundaries of Turkey, you will need your passport; therefore, you should definitely bring it.
  • If you travel as a family, do not your children’s, too.
  • Depending on what you want to do, you should wear comfortable shoes and clothes if you prefer to walk on the lovely streets of the island of Rhodes. If you want to splash its crystalized waters, though, you should take your swimsuit and towel. In any case, we recommend you to put your hat, sun glasses and sun cream in your bag due to protect yourself from the sun rays.
  • Of course, those scenes that you will see in there will be worth snapping; thus, you should bring your camera with you.

In the morning, we will pick you and your belongings up from the hotel that you stay in Fethiye by our fully-equipped, modern, comfortable and elegant bus.

Then, we will drive until we get to the port in where the ferries from Fethiye to Rhodes Island departs.

By the way, along the way, you will be able to have a chat with our professional and licensed guide who will inform you about the places.

The Ferry to Rhodes Island

The voyage of our Fethiye Rhodes tour will last for 1,5 hours by the ferry.

During the duration, you will be able to breathe in the iodic fresh air, to observe the dark blue sea which will foam while the ferry splitting its smooth surface, or to take photos as much as you want. When the shore is seen, you will be full of joy, for sure.

Rhodes Island

Imagine a paradise in which the hills are ornamented with traditional white houses, the sea is made of glass and the streets of it fill your heart with warmth, joy and excitement.

This place will be our destination; moreover, it is all real: Welcome to the Rhodes Island!

With its natural beauties, historical and cultural background, sincere people, delicious foods and lovely atmosphere, you will admire it as a whole package.

The pearl of the Fethiye Rhodes tour, in Rhodes Island, the things that it hides for you will make your mind expand and your eyes pleased.

With its entire beauty that has challenged the destructive time will stand in front of you to be explored; therefore, you should not make it wait longer!

Labeled as a World Heritage by UNESCO, the Old Town of Rhodes Island may be a perfect start to travel around, as a recommendation.

The rest is yours!

Of course, you may ask advice from our guide to lead you; therefore, your trip in Rhodes Island will be more efficient.

The End of Rhodes Day Trip

When the time is up, we will take the roads again to reach to Fethiye from Rhodes Island. Followingly, we will get on the bus, get on the ferryboat and sail to the Aegean Sea.

After 1,5 hours we will arrive to the land. From the port to your hotel, you will have an entertaining and comfortable ride.

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7 April 2023

I love little islands I find them very cute and almost all of their water is just so pure and beautyful of course this tour is not just about swimming and relaxing but I just cant get enough of islands pure and clean waters! the streets of it are amazingly clean too and the people who live there are just so friendly and nice the team is also very nice and the guide is able to talk fluent english

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