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By enrolling in our Fethiye Turkish Bath excursion, you can enjoy an ancient tradition which has become one of the unplaceable cultural cores of Turkish history centuries before, thanks to its healing and relaxing effects.

From Romans to the Ottoman era; from Ottoman era to the current time, Turkish Bath has been standing still no matter what.

Not only being interesting, it also is beneficial for the health care; since it improves and revives the blood circulation, make the body smoother and shining; and it is able to cure the skin diseases.

Of course, modern Turkish Bath sessions have other features addition to them such as relaxing massages; and this will make you feel very relieved.

Thus, if you want to experience this event and if you are already in Fethiye, you can experience the best Fethiye Turkish Hammam session with us.

(Prices for:
Child (7-12) = half price
Child (0-6) =free)

Different Hammam Packages for Everyone

In Fethiye Hammam program, we have different packages with a variety of budget, duration and content options. Below, you’ll see what they include in and it’ll help you making a decision.

Standard Package:

Foam massage
Oil massage (10 minutes)

Classic Package:

Foam massage
Oil massage (45 minutes) Foot
Face care

Economic Package:

Foam massage
Oil massage (45 minutes)
Foot Peeling
Face Care & Mask

Special Package:

Foam massage
Anti-stress massage (60 minutes)
Foot Care
Face Care & Mask

Cleopatra Package 

Foam massage
Aroma Therapy Massage (45 minutes)
Seaweed Wrap
Foot care
Face mask

LUX Package

Foam massage
Abhyanga massage (60 minutes)
Reflexot therapy
Anti-aging Face Care
Foot Care

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Water & Lemon Soda
Foam Massage
Oil Massage (10 Minutes)
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Other Massage Options & Face Masks
Food & Other Drinks

What to bring with you?


Things to Remember Before Joining in Hammam Session 

Before taking the roads;

  • Since the environment in the facility will be full of steam, if you have health issues, you should receive advice on your doctor about enrolling in or not.
  • If there is no problem and you will participate in our Fethiye Turkish Bath program, you should bring your swimsuit; and also, your camera, if you want to immortalize the ambiance.

We will pick you up from the hotel that you stay in Fethiye by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle at the pre-arranged hour.

Then, we will ride towards the Fethiye Turkish Hammam facility.

The Facility

When we arrive to the facility, you will enter there and led by the professional staff.

Before entering the sauna-like section to start the program, you can enjoy the beautiful interior design of the place which combines the authentic texture on the marbles.

Both modern and traditional, you will catch the vibe of luxurious Ottoman Empire era.

The Hot Air Room

The first step of the Fethiye Turkish Bath session, you will enter a hot-air room which will remind you a sauna.

With a towel that is wrapped to your body, you will sit and wait for a while among the steam and hot air.

Basically, it is done for making your skin soften; also, for enlarging your pores.

The more you sweat, the more you will get rid of the toxins.

Scrubbing & The Foam Massage

After preparing your skin and body to the next step, you will enter another section.

This room will be full of marbles and fountains. Impressed by the design, you will be scrubbed by the professional staff for a detailed cleaning of your body.

Addition to that, you will also be able to get rid of the dead layers of your skin. After getting washed with hot water, the comfort will be doubled by the foam massage.

The professional masseuse of Fethiye Turkish Hammam will massage all over your body to make you release the pain and aches.

Oil Massage

For a better service, the oil massage will follow the previous part.

To the accompaniment of lovely scents, your body will be rubbed by the related person; specifically, this person is a licensed masseur.

Since those oils that she will use are good for the skin, you will have a natural shining effect on it. During the massage, you will forget the meaning of stress; both as mentally and physically, you will get relaxed from beginning to end.

After you wear your clothes and leave the facility, we will pick you up from there and take you to your hotel in Fethiye.

When you arrive, it will be the end of our Fethiye Turkish Bath session; yet, if you are satisfied at the end of the day (surely, you will) you can always join us in the various types of excursions in Fethiye.

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Reviews About Fethiye Turkish Bath

5.00 based on 6 reviews
16 April 2020

We went to the hamam, I liked it! They ordered through the website, they immediately answered, they provide a transfer from the hotel and back, which is very convenient. I ordered an economy package. The name of the package does not correspond to all the procedures that are in it, it is not at all economical)) In the end, we were simply tired of enjoying. I advise everyone to visit this hammam.

20 April 2020

If you want to be reborn, then be sure to visit the hamam 🙂 You leave there not only with a new body, but also with new fresh thoughts.Great service.

7 June 2020

We often visit the hamam as part of such excursions and on our own. We have been already at least ten times, probably. In principle, they are not particularly different from each other, just somewhere cleaner, somewhere better they do massage. There are no fundamental differences. But in this hammam we liked literally everything. It rarely happens that all the pluses converge on one point. We were very satisfied, thank you very much!

10 August 2020

Everything is very clean and tidy, everything is decent, no incomprehensible situations have arisen. Thanks.

21 August 2020

The trip to the hamam itself is inexpensive, and already directly in the hammam itself you can buy a package of services. We bought an additional economy package and did not regret it. In fact, the feeling that you are being born again. Thank you, everything was good.

16 September 2020

We bought a classic package, I think the services received are worth their money. Go, you won’t regret it. Everything in the hamam is very beautiful, unusual interiors, very clean, and the employees behave as correct and friendly as possible. Many thanks. If we are in Fethiye again, we will definitely return to this hamam.

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