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Galataport is the new Cruise Port of Istanbul with the ongoing construction of it.

It is estimated that the new port will be finished and start to work in May 2020.

Location of Galataport is on the shore of Galata Karakoy and Tophane neighborhoods.

There are a lot of new options that the new Istanbul Cruise Port would have to offer. Galataport dimensions open the possibility to hold 3 cruise ships at the same time. Also, it will be port in which world biggest cruise ships can enter in.

One of the things that would be new is the first underground terminal in the world, with passport control and check in areas.

Galataport Terminal is going to have very high capacity for passengers and also will include some saloons and restaurants for waiting.

Beside all this thing there is also a large number of hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping centres that are being built around and in the port.

Ongoing building of Galataport, puts the Istanbul in the center of cruising destination in the Mediterranean.

What to do in Istanbul from Galataport?

When you cruise in Galataport you will have a certain amount of time to explore city usually about 8 to 12 hours, There is an endless list of cultural and arhitectural buildings that you need to see while you are in Istanbul.

There are several options of exploring Istanbul. You can take BigBus Istanbul City Sightseeing Tour or Whirling Dervishes Show or Bosphorus Cruise.

There is also an option that you explore Istanbul alone, but this option is very risky when you have as little time as 8 hours.

The list of attraction you need to visits are: Galata Tower, Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Istikal Street.

You can check the Istanbul Railway Network map and Istanbul Ferry Lines Map for ferries.

You can also take guided private city, benefit with this option is that prices are affordable and guaranteed on time return to cruise ship.

How to get around in Istanbul from Galataport?

Location of Galataport is in the center of Istanbul. So the public transportation is very easy to find.

The best way to reach major touirst attractions from Galataport is to take Bagcilar- Kabatas tram line ( t1 line). There is also the option to take taxi but this option is more expensive.

As for now cruise ships are docked on Sarayburnu coast opposite of Galata coast, this is only temporary until building of Galataport is over.

In June 2019 Istanbul is accepted in a world wide cruise program after 4 years of waiting for permission.

There is no doubt that Istanbul will become one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world. When we add that Galataport will be finish in May 2020 with all attractions and huge capacity, then it is for sure that Istanbul will have thousands more tourists every year.

Building of Galtaport represents a great opportunity to go and see Istanbul from sea side also to get great experience of being docked in such large and modern port.

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