Gallipoli Troy Tour from Istanbul

What if we told you that you can explore the beautiful Troy and Gallipoli in only two days? Well, not that you can’t have fun within a single day, but we would want you to experience every bit of this exciting tour from Istanbul and a day may not be enough.

With the two days, you will have an entire day to explore Gallipoli and another to tour around the beautiful ancient city of Troy. Day one starts early in the morning at Istanbul and we head to Gallipoli. Gallipoli battle fields are one of the most memorable sites in Turkey. It will definitely be a thrilling experience to see and learn more about the events that took place at these battle fields during the World War 1.

You will be free to walk around to see various things such as Anzac Cove, war cemeteries like the Beach Cemetery, Quinn’ s Post, and The Nek. You will learn the History behind each cemetery as well. Besides that, you will have the chance to visit the various Aznac war memorials such as; Lone Pine – Australian Memorial, Conk Bayırı – New Zealand Memorial, and Hellespont – English Memorial. All these are a reminder of what transpired during the Nava battle on 18th March 1915 during the World War 1.

Following a long day of fun and excitement, you will definitely need to rest at your hotel awaiting Day two of the excursion. Remember this is the last day and must therefore be the best, right? Troy is our destination. Troy is just one of the many historical treasures in Turkey and your bet is as sure as ours-you will like every bit of Troy.

To kick off the day, we will ferry across the famous Dardanelles which is a strait between the Aegean sea and the sea of Marmara thus seperating the European Turkey from the Asian Turkey. So you will have a perfect view of both sides of Turkey. But hey, that’s not all. In fact, we are just getting started with our Day 2 tour.

You no doubt have heard of the Trojan Horse. In the legendary city of Troy, you will discover the real story behind the Trojan Horse as used in the movie ‘Troy’ and also see its maquette. The Trojan Horse dates back to the Trojan War when the Greeks played tricks on Trojans with the wooden horse and ended up winning the war. We are talking about the old the times of Beautiful Helen, the Queen of Sparta and Paris, the Trojan Prince.

Lunch will later be served at Çanakkale while dinner will be served late evening on the way back to Istanbul.

Don’t forget that we are also more than pleased to provide you with a 1 day tour to both Troy and Gallipoli.

Just get in touch with us for any details or querries regarding bookings and reservations. Give us a call, or send us an email through the contact segment at the top of the page.


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