No Food
Hotel Transfer
Morning Flight

With Hot Air balloon Flight in Pamukkale from Kemer, travelers vacationing in Kemer may have an interesting, unusual, and amazing ride to Pamukkale by hot air balloon. A hot air balloon journey from Kemer will leave an indelible impression on you. Let’s fly with us!

What is included?

Certificate & Champaigne Toast
Safety Briefing Before Flight
Full Insurance
Balloon Fee
Pilot Fee

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Photo and Video
Pamukkale Entrance Fee

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Waterproof (rubber) shoes
Sun cream
Sunglasses, Hat
Tank top (worn under the life jacket)
Dry clothes

Pick-up Times

  • Tekirova 00.15
  • Çamyuva 00.30
  • Kırış 00.45
  • Kemer 01.00
  • Göynük 01.15
  • Beldibi 01.30


Hot Air Balloon Flight Program from Kemer

You will be picked up by a comfy vehicle from Kemer accommodations early in the morning, even after midnight.
You will travel for around 3 hours to the location of the hot air balloon trip. On the way, you may get a little nap and prepare for an amazing adventure.
Fly Now
During the flight, you will be given a safety briefing upon arrival. Before entering the balloon basket, you will be informed of all of the balloon’s features.
The unique beauty of Pamukkale’s combination of “cotton” fields and a sensation of flight will leave you speechless, and you will never miss a single second of it. Furthermore, the breaking dawn over the sky and the sunlight that follows will add a reddish, gleaming adornment to this unrivaled spectacle.
We strongly advise you to take photographs throughout the 1-hour flight in order to preserve the perfection of the sights you will experience on the Pamukkale hot air balloon trip, as seeing a sky with diamond-like stars created of hot air balloon flames is quite unusual.

After the Flight

The flight itself will last around an hour; however, because the duration is directly dependent on the weather, the time may vary.
Breakfast will be served after which you will have free time in Pamukkale. You’ll have around five hours to go around and see everything there is to see.
You will then eat lunch at the Tamer restaurant (drinks are extra).
We’ll stop at an alcohol store on the way back to Kemer so you may sample the wines.

Is flying in a hot air balloon risky?

Many people are hesitant to fly because they are afraid of risk. We want you to know that the flights are absolutely safe.
To begin, experts meticulously inspect the weather conditions before to each flight to guarantee that your hot air balloon experience is as enjoyable as possible. Second, you’ll be in capable hands. The instructors have a lot of expertise and all of the required flying certificates.
The flight is not suitable for children under the age of five. We also do not recommend flying when pregnant.
Amazing Day Awaits You
Many people in Turkey identify balloons only with Cappadocia. This, however, is not true now. Every day, hundreds of tourist-filled balloons rise to the sky over Pamukkale’s “cotton castle.” Pamukkale is also more accessible than Cappadocia.
Watch travertines and Hierapolis from the sky.
And see everything is colored in entirely different tones in the beams of the morning sun.
You may also go for a walk in the Pamukkale area when you arrive. You will have spare time that you may spend as you choose.
So, if you’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon basket, now is the time to make your wish come true! Hot Air balloon Flight in Pamukkale from Kemer is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone. Join us and have a good time!

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