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10:00 – 16:30

Icmeler  Cleopatra Island Boat Trip which lasts nearly for 8 hours, gathers up breathtaking natural sceneries, shores and waters to offer you an unforgettable swimming and sunbathing experience.

By signing up for it, you will enjoy everything it provides, and even more! Fun, laughter, peace, top notch crew members and a delightful lunch on the deck will be also included!

For a perfect daily boat trip experience, you can choose this excursion and understand why it is quite popular among the foreign and local tourists who visit Icmeler. By keep reading, you will find out where we will head to during this exciting sailing.

What Makes Sedir Island So Special?

Being known as Cleopatra Island for hosting a delightful beach called “Cleopatra Beach”, Sedir Island is a very unique one. And its story that is believed by many local and foreign tourist is the reason of the popularity and admiration.

According to the beliefs, Cleopatra the queen of Egypt swam in there with her lover. She laid down on the famous golden sands and enjoy the warmth of the sun. With an enormous love in her heart, she enjoyed the serenity and the beauty of the wonder of the nature. And now, you have a chance to have the same experience with a queen!

By visiting Sedir Island, you will be enjoying an ultimate joy that hides beneath the smooth sands. Also, you will swim in refreshing waters and let your body mix to the Mediterranean Sea. In other words, your holiday in Icmelerwill be totally unforgettable for you!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (From/to Icmeler, Armutalan, Siteler, Marmaris City Center)
Guiding Service (EN)

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Sun Glasses
Towel and Hat
Comfortable Shoes

Cleopatra Beach that Hosted A Queen & Her Love

After picking you and other guests up from the hotels approximately at 9 am, we will drive until we get to Camli Village harbor from which our boat will depart. At 10 am, we will sail to the first stop where we will have a relaxing swimming break.

Cleopatra Beach which is located in Sedir Island will welcome us with its golden, shining sands and interesting story. According to the beliefs, Queen Cleopatra swam here with her lover.

Where Sedir Island Is Located In?

Sedir Island is located in the northern part of Icmeler, far 16 kilometers away from the center. It can only be accessed by boat trips which depart from Camlik İskelesi (Camlik Harbor).

Thus, you cannot go there by a bus, minibus, car etc. Yet, to go to the harbor, you should first have a road trip to Camlik Village. After coming aboard, the route will be followed by the captain of the boat!

During your free time for 2 hours, you might feel how lucky you are for experiencing the same ambiance with an ancient queen!

You can enjoy the smooth sands, refreshing waters and historical remains that ornament the island: it’s up to you! As a recommendation, we suggest you to take photos as many as possible!

Incekum National Park

Next, we will head to Incekum National Park to revive our souls that are hungry for the peace which comes from the nature.

Luckily, they will get satisfied in there, since this place combines the pine forests with crystal-clear waters. While you are swimming or sunbathing in this perfect paradise for 40 minutes, you will understand how lucky you are more clearly.

Fenerli Island

We will continue our Icmeler Sedir Island (Cleopatra Beach) Tour by visiting Fenerli Island. Being ornamented with a lighthouse, this tiny island will provide you with a captivating ambiance and scenery.

For 40 minutes, you will be able to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, chatting or taking photos of the environment.

Lacivert Bay: A Wonder of Nature

Then, we will visit Lacivert Bay (can be translated as Dark Blue Bay) to coalesce into the nature completely. Sharp rock formations, green and tall trees on their tops and the deep, turquoise waters will be waiting for us. And of course, you will be able to enjoy these all-natural items for 40 full minutes as you wish!

When our IcmelerCleopatra Island boat trip ends approximately at 16:30, we will sail back to the harbor. After getting there, we will take you to your hotel and our adventure will end successfully.

Koycegiz Lake: A Wide, Green Mirror

After picking you up from your hotel approximately at 8:30 am, we will drive roughly for 80 kilometers and get to Koycegiz. Then, we will visit Koycegiz Lake that looks like a mirror with its purity and unpolluted waters.

This lake is surrounded by an intense forest, and the shades of green reflect on its surface. Moreover, we will not only observe its beauty, we will also have a boat trip on it for 45 minutes.

The Ancient King Tombs Arise from the Reeds

During our lake trip, you will see many tableau-like sceneries, and the most striking one will be the one that combines the Dalyan reeds and Lycian Rock Tombs.

These tombs are carved to the sharp cliffs by the ancient Lycian people to make the spirits of their dead reach to the afterlife easily. Shortly, their historical beauty will unite with the delicacy of the swinging reeds, and you will feel matchless feelings!

A Relaxing Mud Bath Session in Icmeler  Dalyan Tour

Not only for its beauty, Dalyan is also famous for having natural thermal muds which involve minerals that are very beneficial to the skin.

Thus, we will have a 1-hour break in the mud springs to let you enjoy a relaxing mud bath session. During this time, you can cover your body with mud and have an exclusive skin care!

Let’s Catch Some Crabs!

What makes Koycegiz Dalyan Tour quite unique is having a break for catching crabs! During this activity, you will be able to observe how it is done!

Iztuzu Beach: A Shelter to the Sea Turtles

Next, we will head to Iztuzu Beach which unites the salty waters of Mediterranean Sea and the fresh waters of Dalyan River. Yet, the main thing that makes it globally popular is not this matchless geographical feature, it is the fact that Caretta Carettas (a kind of sea turtles) spawn here!

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see how these tiny and sympatric creatures will walk towards the unpolluted sea in order to begin their lives officially. In other words, you will witness the first step of a lifecycle.

When our content-rich Icmeler Dalyan Turtle Beach trip ends, we will get on our bus and start driving to Icmeler. After getting there, we will take you to your hotel and our trip will end successfully.

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