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Marmaris Pamukkale Tour

Icmeler Pamukkale Tour offers you an unmissable chance to visit one of the most popular and significant places of Turkey by getting from Icmeler to Pamukkale.

Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle”, and it deserves this title, because Pamukkale Mountain has a white surface which has been shaped by chemical reactions and thermal waters centuries before.

With its special formation, and settlement of an ancient city (Hierapolis) and pool (Cleopatra Pool) at the peak, UNESCO selected Pamukkale as a World Heritage in 1972.

Of course, we will give detailed information about all of the places by sharing the content of the tour with you; yet, you should already know that day trip from Icmeler to Pamukkale will fill you up with a tremendous admiration to the nature and a lot of knowledge about cultural and historical side of Turkey and even world.

What is included?

A pick up and drop back services
(From/to Icmeler, Armutalan, Siteler, Marmaris City Center)
Full insurance
English Speaking Crew

What is not included?

Entrance Fees
Personal expenses
Seat not guaranteed for the infant

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Sun Glasses
Towel and Hat
Comfortable Shoes

Getting From Icmeler to Pamukkale

Before travelling to Pamukkale, you might know the related information about this trip such as the vehicle, duration, route and distance between Icmeler and Pamukkale as a curious traveler! If so, this part is prepared for you.

How to Get From Icmeler to Pamukkale?

In our Pamukkale Tour, we will get on a fully-equipped bus to get to Pamukkale from Icmeler. For a direct access to Pamukkale, the only option among all of transportation options is road trip between Icmeler and Pamukkale.

How Far is Pamukkale from Marmaris?

Between Pamukkale and Marmaris the distance is 203 kilometers. It roughly takes 3 hours and 45 minutes from Icmeler to Pamukkale

Of course, during those hours on the route of our Pamukkale tour from Icmeler, there will be short breaks to use a WC, eat something or smoke.

If you are in Icmeler and want to join Pamukkale tour, you should keep reading and you will find every detail about our tour that you need and want to learn.

Get Prepared

Before examining the route of the tour step by step, let us provide you information about the preparation session. We will also tell the other important things that you should know before booking the tour and meeting us.

First of all, this tour is not suitable for guests with walking difficulties, since there will be a lot of walking to explore Pamukkale deeply.

Secondly, we recommend you to bring your hat, sunglasses and sun cream to avoid sun burns. Also, if you plan to swim into Cleopatra Pool or play into the puddles of travertines, you should take your swimsuit and towel, too.

Thirdly, make sure you have enough money to buy souvenirs in Pamukkale and your camera is ready.

Lastly, since walking on Pamukkale travertines is permitted only without wearing any kind of shoes (because they might harm the natural form of it), you may want to bring a special bag or its kind to put your shoes in.

The Start of trip from Marmaris to Pamukkale

To start our Marmaris Pamukkale Tour officially, between 06.00 and 06.30 a.m.

We will pick you and your belongings up from your hotel that located in Icmeler, Armutalan, Siteler or Marmaris City Center by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable tour bus.

When you get on, you will meet our professional and licensed tour guide who will give impressive information about the places that we will visit.

The Breakfast

In 07.30-08.00 a.m., we will stop in Mugla province to have a delicious breakfast in a local restaurant. After pleasing our rumbling stomachs, we will take the roads again.

There are many things that you can do during the visit of Pamukkale

To get from Marmaris to Pamukkale last approximately 3 hours. Therefore, approximately at 11.30 a.m., your 3-hour free time in Pamaukkle will start.

Visit Pamukkale Travertines

Pamukkale Mountain which has been uniquely shaped by natural conditions for years has beautiful, natural decorations on it: Pamukkale travertines.

Also known as Pamukkale terraces, these formations look like gigantic steps of a stair. Also, they are filled with natural thermal waters and white mud, and both of them are very beneficial for having a more beautiful and healthier skin.

Thus, we recommend you while climbing towards the peak, enjoy every barefoot step, benefit from mineral-rich waters of Pamukkale and wide open your eyes to feast them with the perfect contrast of white and turquoise.

Visit Hierapolis (Holy City)

When you finish climbing, you will be able to wear your shoes again, since a perfect historical settlement waits for you to explore deeply: Ancient city of Hierapolis.

Even if there is no exact information about its establishment, it is claimed that it has been settled in the 2nd century BC. In years, it has been used by Romans and Byzantines successively; therefore, Hierapolis has characteristics of them dominantly in its ruins, baths, gates, streets, columns, theatres, statues and more.

During your free time, we recommend you to visit UNESCO World Heritage Site and expand your cultural accumulation.

Swim into Cleopatra Pool

At the peak, there is also Cleopatra Pool, in which famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra has swum, according to the common belief.

If you wonder why she has chosen this pool, we can simply say that to become much healthier and beautiful; because the thermal water of the pool is full of minerals and healing power.

In ancient times, the pool has been shaped by a strong earthquake, collapse of the ruins and a flood of hot waters that still fills it. By paying for an entrance fee, you can swim and relax your body and mind.

Other Things to Do

If you get tired, you can eat or drink something in the cafes and restaurants near the pool. You can take photographs of fascinating sceneries around, and mud bath in Pamukkale travertines. Everything you do in there will be unforgettable somehow!

The Lunch

When it is at 14:30, we will go to have a lunch which will prove the perfection of Turkish cuisine. During 15.00-15.45, we will complete the lunch session in a local restaurant, and we will visit our last stop.

A Textile Factory

From 16:00 to 16:30, we will be in a  textile factory to learn the process and shop here.

Get back to Icmeler from Pamukkale

After leaving the factory, we will get on the bus and take the roads from Pamukkale to Marmaris. Approximately at 20:00, we will drop you to your hotel and our impressive Marmaris Pamukkale Tour will end successfully.

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