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By joining in Istanbul Food Tour, you will be able to enjoy the most delicious dishes of Turkish Cuisine in Istanbul.

Basically, this tour is very suitable for the tourists that are fond of their tastes and appetites. By walking in the streets of Istanbul, you will have an adventure that all of your sense organs will be totally satisfied, in which your mouth and nose will be the most!

Now, get your eyes and stomach ready to learn more!

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Dinner & Soft Drinks
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Alcoholic Beverages & Import Drinks
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Money for personal expenses

Street Food Tour – The “Moving” Tastes

If you are bored of ordinary restaurants and cafes, you should enjoy an adventure through Istanbul Street Food Tour.

Even if it sounds a little bit crazy, we believe that some of the tastes that are cooked and prepared in the streets are more delightful than the dishes in plates that are served in fancy facilities.

The term of “Istanbul culinary backstreets” refers to the amazing chefs that have tiny food carts in which incredible foods are made!

Now, we are sure that you are already excited about foods of Istanbul that ornament the backstreets with their captivating scents and flavors. That is why, we will introduce them briefly to make you even hungrier!

What Are Your Food Options in Istanbul Food Tour?

Above, we said we will try to explain the foods that you might try during Istanbul Food Tour by giving some general information about their ingredients, looks and tastes. From now on, you might feel your stomach is grumping;
If you are hungry, you should continue to read after eating something!

If you are ready, though, let us introduce the appetizing dishes on the roads! (The names of the foods that are written as underlined will be their original Turkish names.)


This food is known as mussel. They are taken from the sea, boiled for a long time until they become completely hygienic. Then, they are stuffed with rice and a little pinch of black pepper.

The midye sellers can open them up for you if you do not want the “sea” smell on your fingers. As a recommendation, add some lemon juice on them!

And definitely try them after drinking beer!


Kokorec is made of lamb intestines. Do not say “ew” before tasting, though, because with a special cooking technique, its taste turns into something incredible!

Especially if you love meat, you will definitely adore its taste and smell. This special food is served inside of a piece of Turkish bread with other ingredients such as onion pieces and salad.


Pilav is one of the most popular dishes in Turkish cuisine, and you probably know it as “rice”. Yet, it is quite tasty since it is cooked with butter. Also, pilav can be served with chicken or meat pieces, or some chickpeas at the top of it!

Of course, the list is longer. Yet, we thought these are more than enough to make you feel more excited and hungrier!

If you would like to join in the best Istanbul Food Tour which will unite you with the hygienic, delicious, appetizing and amazing tastes, we are waiting for contacting you!

We will take you to the best points in the streets to present the magical tastes of Turkish cuisine. If you are ready for this delicious journey, you should book this delightful tour and spoil yourself!

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Reviews About Istanbul Food Tour

5.00 based on 1 review
11 September 2020

i was a bit biased at first. but really wanted to give this tour a try. but when the day was over, i was very shocked and feeling very differently.
since there are a loot of foods and their types, it was a bit tiring but the day i took this excursion can literally be my best day. I really thank all staff behind this and of course highly reccomend it!

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