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Joining in our Istanbul Helicopter Tour is the best gift you can give yourself, especially if you consider the fact that we only live once. And for us, one should visit Istanbul at least for once in a lifetime, and experience the matchless feeling of flying as well.

Well, helisightseeing in Istanbul combines these two must-do actions and helps you to complete two of the tasks which should be on your own list! And it does it at the best way!

You will see the details and tour options in the following paragraphs. Yet, we can already say that no matter one of which you choose, you will have totally unforgettable moments that include a panoramic view of Istanbul, a lot of adrenaline and golden memories.

That is why, you should not forget bringing your camera!

What is included?

Half hour flight

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Advantages of Helisightseeing in Istanbul

Istanbul Helicopter Tour is an exclusive experience for many reasons, and now, you will learn all of them.

  • Helicopter tour in Istanbul offers you an unending excitement. The sense of flying in a helicopter is much more different than the sense of flying in a plane, and you will be able to taste the thrilling side of flying truly. During this time, the intimate relationship between the horizon and the ground will look much more beautiful from the windows of the helicopter.
  • Instead of being involved in a traffic or crowds that fill the streets in order to be able to reach a tourist attraction in Istanbul, you can see them from above without waiting. You can choose an interesting route that appeals to your travel appetite and enjoy viewing the impressive structures by a bird-eye view.
  • The comfort you will have will be complete and perfect. According to the number of people you travel with, you can have a special helicopter and only you will be in there. You might be a solo traveler, too; then, you will enjoy the serenity on your own, or meet new people. In any case, there will be no crowd and noise!
  • You will enjoy the luxury and see how valuable you are, and how you deserve only the best things. And “spoiling yourself” will make you feel very happy: Helicoptering in Istanbul will remind you that you are worth the beauties that this world offers you!

Istanbul Helicopter Tour Package Options

The most stirring one among all Istanbul tours, Istanbul Helicopter Tour can provide you with the thrill in different ways. You can join in:

  • Scheduled Tours
  • Special Tours
  • The Gift Tours
  • Special Days
  • Day-Trips

In short, you can make a special date, day or experience much more special for you!

The Best Helicopter Tour in Istanbul

If you read all of the things we mentioned above, there is no way that you are not excited! And probably, flying in a helicopter above hundreds of meters from the ground became one of your dreams now.

Especially making it real along the blue dome over Istanbul makes you feel very excited.

To turn your dreams into the reality, let us provide you with a safe and professional service through our friendly team members. To do so, or to have further information, you can easily contact us; we will gladly help you!

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