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With Istanbul Turkish Bath, join a refreshing Roman-Ottoman bath session in Turkey’s greatest Hammam for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This bath may certainly improve your vacation. It is not only a magnificent landmark worth viewing, but it also allows you to engage yourself in Ottoman bathing customs.

This Istanbul Turkish Bath adventure is accessible every day, at any hour that is suitable for you. Allow yourself to be treated, let go of anxiety, and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of this well-known hamam. Now, let’s learn the details!

What is included?

Aromatic Oil Massage ( Additional )
Scrub Massage
Foam Massage

What is not included?

Personal expenses
All beverages
Additional services

What to bring with you?


Let’s Start

Our visitors must travel to the meeting site on their own because this trip does not include a hotel shuttle. Please arrive at the specified hour. In the building, personnel of the place will greet you and you’ll enjoy a nice session.

Place: Cemberlitas Hamamı

Best Hammam Building in Istanbul

Cemberlitas Hamamı, the institution is one of Turkey’s most well-known hammams. This is due to the fact that it was built during Ottoman period and has been fully operating since 1584. It’s right in the heart of the city, so getting there won’t be a problem.

You’ll make it quickly.

It was a double-bath when it was built, with two similar areas for men and women. There were two entries back then, but now all guests enter via the same door and are escorted to the appropriate bath. The impressive architecture and decor will wow you as soon as you enter.

There is a three-column, six-line monument at the top of the entryway. Take a moment to view and adore this hammam, which also serves as a historical landmark.

Why Should You Visit a Hammam?

These authentic baths are excellent areas to relax and learn new things, since they can give you info about bath culture in Ottoman era.

For many years, hammams have used the same procedures, preserving their individuality and ambience.

Also, prepare to feel a deep, complete sensation of tranquility as soon as you enter. The entire treatment approach is designed to help you ease your mind and body.

Now, you’re the one to benefit from all these amazing things.


The procedure begins with a visit to the hot room. You will be welcomed into a marble chamber with high temperatures and steams. Relax on the stone and enjoy tranquility while your skin prepares for the procedures.

The steams will also aid in the discharge of toxins and the enlarging of your skin’s pores.

Scrubbing Part

Next, the staff will offer you a full body scrub once you have relaxed for a while. They’ll scrub your body with a special glove and remove the dead cells from your skin by cleaning every part of it, leaving it hygienic and totally relaxed.

Foam Massage

After the scrub, your skin will receive a foam massage to help smoother it. With delicate, massaging motions, the staff will use the soap and form foam around you, helping you to relax even more.

Smell the nice scents and relax!

End of the Session

The washing off of your body is the final step in this direction. The staff will begin to pour water on your now silky soft skin. You’ll get fresh feelings.

Then, you will have some spare time after cleansing your body to rest a little more before the session ends.

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