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Attention: Our Izmir Biking and Zoo Tour is the most creative, sportive, dynamic and entertaining tour in Izmir! If you adore animals, if you love pedaling and enjoy exploring the places that you visit by riding a bike, you will love every second of this tour.

Especially if you think that you do not get tired easily, this unique excursion is perfect for you!

If you get tired easily, though, you should know that the point that we will get to is worth-getting-tired.

One of the most captivating zoos of Turkey will be waiting for us with its numberless animal species.

We do not want to make you more excited: Below, you will find the route of this amazing trip.

What is included?


What is not included?

Drinks, Lunch
Personal Spendings
Bike rental

What to bring with you?

Comfortable Shoes

A Ferry Trip to Karsiyaka

Firstly, we will get to Karsiyaka, where we will start riding our bikes.

To do so, we will get on a ferry. After spending a short time on the surface of turquoise Aegean Sea and observing the amazing sceneries, we will get to the starting point.

18-Km-Row by a Bicycle

The dynamic start of our Izmir Biking and Zoo Tour will be given immediately.

Then, we will pedal for 18 kilometers. Of course, this session will be safe and not exhausting. Thus, do not worry about your safety.

Yet, you should make sure that you are a healthy person that you can join in this activity.

Izmir Natural Life Park

We will get to Izmir Natural Life Park, as known as Sasali.

Being far away from the crowd, uproar and the greyness of the city, this place offers you a trip in nature.

And many different types of lovely animals will welcome you in there!

Because of its enormous sizes and comprehensive content, this place cannot be named as a “zoo”.

The animals in there are freer and happier comparing to a regular zoo. That is why, you will be able to see their smiles on their faces!

In there, you will see:

  • African Savanna (which contains Giraffes, Zebras, Hippopotamus, Ostriches, Nyalas)
  • Tropical Center (Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, fishes, Macaw parrots, Marmosets and Fruit Bats)
  • Ponds (Swans, Ducks, Water birds)
  • Bears
  • Wolfs
  • Pumas
  • Lions
  • Elephants
  • Tigers and even more!

Moreover, while we are visiting and observing the life of amazing animals, our tour guide will give you amazing information about them and entertain you.

Another 18-Km Ride to Go Back

When our visit ends, we will hop on our bikes and pedal for another 18 kilometers.

It might sound a little bit tiring. However, it will make you feel more energetic at the end of the day!

A Ferry Trip to Alsancak

At the harbor, we will get on a ferry that goes to Alsancak, which is one of the most popular seaside places of Izmir.

Then, we will get to there and say goodbye to each other.

As a recommendation, we suggest you to spend some time in Alsancak; because its aura, restaurants and sceneries are very delightful!

If you like the content of our Izmir Biking and Zoo Tour, you can buy it online and easily.

If you would like to have further information, you can contact us 7/24; we will gladly help you!

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