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Joining in our content-rich Izmir Boat Tour is an excellent idea, especially if you are planning to visit Izmir in summertime:

By coming abord with us, you will enjoy the warmth in the air, the sunrays, and refreshing waters of Aegean Sea to the fullest! Gumuldur (Gümüldür) town of Izmir unites all of these amazing items; and also, it adds perfect swimming spots to them.

Now, we will not make you more curious about it: Below, you will find the details about the program of our Izmir boat trip. And you will learn how to enjoy a perfect day in Izmir!

What is included?

Entry fee

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

What Can You Expect from Izmir City Boat Trip?

First of all, you should know that every step that you take after and during Izmir Boat Tour will be in a complete comfort. We will pick you up from your location (hotels, port or airport) by our fully-equipped and modern vehicles to start our journey.

Then, we will take you to the harbor where our grand, hygienic and beautiful boat departs from.

Thus, the comfort will be there again. And we will sunbathe on the deck and swim in turquoise waters.

urely, we will have a friendly crew that will be our companion during the entire tour, and that is why, you will never have negative vibes.

Also, if you need or want anything, the communication will be perfect thanks to the English-speaking staff on the deck.

In a nutshell, you will have a very joyful day!

(Please don’t be late… Punctuality is super important in this trip!)

Amazing Swimming Sessions

After the departure from the harbor of Gumuldur, we will successively get to amazing bays.

These swimming stops are the unique and natural places which are not spoiled by intense crowds, uproar or noise.

They will provide you with a delightful swimming experience.

The water will be so clean in these spots that you will be able to observe the change of the tones of the blue.

While you are freshening your body up, you will also enjoy the peaceful environment and nature.

A Tasty Break on the Deck

During our free time in Aquarium Bay, we will have a tasty lunch, which will prove the importance of Turkish cuisine, on the deck. At the same time, we will be refilling our energy bars to be able to continue swimming!

The menu will be grilled fish or chicken with spaghetti and salad.

Take a Mud Bath Therapy

The best part of our Izmir Boat Tour will start when we visit a bay which famous for its thermal springs.

During our time in there, you can spoil your body with an exclusive mud bath therapy and enjoy the hot and mineral-rich waters.

They will make your body healthier and more shining.

If you want to enjoy the refreshment, though, you can keep swimming in the crystal-clear sea.

The End of Izmir Boat Tour

When the last session of our Izmir boat trip ends, we will head to the harbor approximately at 6 pm.

Then, we will take you to the point that you demand (such as hotels) by our comfortable vehicles.

And it will be the end of our peaceful and dynamic voyage on the Aegean Sea.

If you like the content of our excursion, you can easily book it online. Or, you can contact us for further questions.

Let us ornament Izmir perfectly for you!

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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