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Joining in Izmir City Tour is a very good choice if you are interested in exploring the highlights of Izmir!

Since this city has a rich content with the stories from different timelines, sincerity of the local people, an amazing, light cuisine and uplifting vibes, you will adore every inch of Izmir. That is why, you should see and mix to more of it!

We love this beautiful city called Smyrna in the ancient eras (and still), and that is why, we would like to share our love.

This love will flood over its hills, boulevards, streets and some of the historical structures. The only thing you should do is to stop resisting and let it flow:

You will admire its beauty at the end, as much as we do!

Now, if you are ready to learn more, here is our content.

What is included?

Entry fee

What is not included?

Lunch, drinks

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

What Can You Expect from This Izmir Excursion?

During this daily Izmir trip, we will visit the most important and authentic parts of Izmir.

Being known as the pearl of Aegean region, this city will let us show where this valuable title comes from. That is why, we will visit Kadifekale and enjoy a matchless view from above.

Then, we will get to Agora and get connected to the ancient times through the remains.

We will also take you to the antique bazaar and let you shop and buy some souvenirs: in its welcoming streets, you will not be able to resist filling your hands with bags!

Moreover, we will see the famous Clock Tower!

Of course, during the entire time, we will enjoy fun and entertaining information that is given by our professional tour guide.

Thus, you have many reasons to say yes! After reading the general information about these stops, you will get even more convinced.

Kadifekale: The Old Vibes at The Hills

Izmir City Tour will start after picking you up by our fully-equipped and modern vehicle, we will climb one of the highest hills of Izmir.

Being known as Kadifekale, this neighborhood which is rich with the colors of local people and lives will give you authentic vibes.

Of course, it will give you aother thing that you will never forget: A delightful panoramic view of Izmir.

From above, we will observe the city with its entire beauty.

During this time, our guide will tell the story of this captivating settlement.

Agora: A Tiny Ancient Travel Point

Next, we will visit an archeological area with the remains that date back to Hellenistic times.

The columns, marbles, tombs and corridors of it will reveal the secrets of the ancient lives and heroes of this amazing place.

Of course, our tour guide will enlighten you about this mysterious and historical wonder of Izmir.

Antique Bazaar

Our daily Izmir tour will continue with a visit to Antique Bazaar. Also being known as Kizlaragasi Hani, we will take a walk along Antique Bazaar of Izmir.

In its historical architecture, you will feel the vibes of the authentic face of this unique city.

You can buy souvenirs, accessories, clothes or traditional objects that will remind you Turkish culture.

Clock Tower

The old city tour in Izmir will end when we get to Clock Tower and listen its hundreds-of-year story, which will be told by our professional guide.

At that point, you might enjoy viewing the crowd, pigeons that fly around and of course, the Clock Tower itself with its entire glamour.

Also, if you are into photography, you will be able to take many artistic shots in there.

In short, we will enjoy the authentic and historical sides of Izmir, the third biggest city of Turkey.

Since its story is worth listening, we recommend you to be one of our guests and have the best Izmir City Tour that you might ever attend!

For further information, you can easily contact us!

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