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Joining in our Izmir Gourmet Tour is what you exactly need if you are in Izmir and fond of your appetite… Because this tour is specially made for tourists who are interested in the local tastes of the places that they visit. And since Izmir is a city of Turkey and Turkey is famous for its cuisine globally, you can already imagine how delicious will be this journey.

Izmir Gourmet Tour Price - 49 Euro

We do not want to make you more curious: you can read below and see the details of our Izmir food tour. Attention please: Get ready to hear the rumblings of your stomach while reading this article!

What is included?

Trips and visits on the program
Delicious over rice peas or beans
Sambali the famous dessert of Hisaronu
Tea or coffee breaks
Izmir city half tour map

What is not included?


What to bring with you?

Comfortable Shoes

Street Foods of Izmir that We Will Taste

Now, let us give you some information about the foods of Izmir Gourmet Tour; so that you will be able to imagine the delight that you will have in your mouth!

  • Boyoz: Boyoz is a product of pastry. It might have ingredients inside of it such as cheese, herbs, vegetables etc. or not; mostly, it is sold without adding ingredients. They are soft and very delicious, and they are famous for the “cracking” sound when you have a bite of it. Also, among all street foods in Izmir, it has a special place for the breakfast time!


  • Börek: Again, Borek is a type of pastry.
  • Generally, some ingredients are added inside of it and it has a variety of the choices: You can have a piece of borek with cheese, herbals, vegetables, meats, onions… They can be served hot or warm.
  • Söğüş: Sogus is something very different that you should definitely taste and have an idea of. This meal is made of meat which is boiled in water and cooked afterwards. Then, it is served cold, and with a piece of bread. Since it has a special baking technique, its flavor is amazing.
  • Mantı: Manti is a meal that you will never forget. To describe it at the quickest way, we can say that it is “Turkish Ravioli with yoghurt and spices”. To make them, the tiny pieces of dough are cooked with a pinch of mince inside of them. After than, they are boiled and served when they are still hot. Yoghurt is added at the top of manti and generally yoghurt with garlic is preferred for a better taste. Yet, the taste cannot be described. But, if you love pasta, you will worship manti.


Sweet Taste Of Turkish Culture

  • Şerbet: This drink is very sweet -in a good way- and it has an aromatic essence that will remain in your mouth for a while.
  • Şambali: Sambali is a traditional dessert that is made of semolina,yoghurt, lemon juice, peanuts and soda. It is baked and served with some syrup.

In short, every bite and sip that you will have during this trip will worth the calories. Of course, we will burn them all by visiting the most important places of Izmir. So, you will keep the balance: no worries!

Below, you can find the entire program of our Izmir street food tour and see the details of the content. If you are “starving” for a nice holiday and appetizing foods, you should book Izmir Gourmet Tour online or contact us for further information!

The Details of Izmir Food Tour Program

10:00: Tasting Boyoz and Turkish Tea

10:30: Visiting the landmarks of Izmir such as Konak Square, Yalı Mosque, the Clock Tower and the Hasan Tahsin Monument

11:00: Tasting Börek & Söğüş

11:30: Visiting Salepcioglu Mosque

12:00: Visiting Hamza Rustem Photography House

12:00: Tasting Şerbet

12:10: Tasting Turşu (pickle)

12:30: Eating Mantı

13:00: Tasting Turkish Pizzas

13:00: Visiting a synagogue and its street

13:45: Eating meat in a local restaurant

14:15: Tasting Köfte (meatball)

14:30: Tasting Pilav (rice) with white beans or chickpeas and Şambali

15:00: Visiting Kızlaragasi Hani

15:30: Tasting Turkish Coffee

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