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Joining in our Izmir Jewish Christian Quarters Tour is the best way to see how tolerant and respectful Izmir is: It has always been the city that unites people from all walks of life.

Being a Muslim, Christian or Jew does not mean anything to the folk of Izmir; everyone is welcomed and loved in there.

During our amazing Izmir tour which is full of outstanding structures, you will understand it better.

What is included?

Entrance fee

What is not included?

Drinks, Lunch

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

What Can You Expect from This Izmir Excursion?

Izmir Jewish Christian Quarters Tour will fill your soul and mind up with the striking and different tiles of Izmir culture.

You will understand the life in there through a hybrid of different religions and cultures that belong to Christians and Jews.

Of course, you will have a chance to get know them better, and learn how they are treated by Muslim people: You will taste the friendship that no discrimination is allowed.

Besides from the expand of your cultural accumulation thanks to our professional and licensed guides, you will be also very comfortable. We will be using the public transportation (which will help you to observe the local life) and it will be a very practical, and fast way to connect the travel points on our program.

In a nutshell, this dynamic and energetic daily Izmir tour will be a gateway to learn new and interesting things while you are enjoying such a delightful city.

(At least 2 people are required in order to arrange this tour.)

The Synagogues in Izmir Tour

During our excursion, we will visit the synagogues which are known as the temples of Jews. And these temples date back to historical times.

You will get amazed when you learn their deep history through our guides.

While we are visiting and observing the glamour of them, you will be learning the place of Jews in historical times for Ottoman/Turkish people that lives there.

And you will see the friendly bond between these two different religions and their people.

If you wonder where we will head to, we can list down the synagogues below. Their names are:

  • Aya Fotini
  • Aya Vukla
  • Beth Israel
  • Algazi
  • Bikkur Holim
  • Salom
  • Etz-Hayim

The Churches in Izmir Tour

Not only the synagogues, but also the churches in Izmir will be visited during this tour.

The religious and sacred places for Christians, these churches have been standing still for ages.

They represent the love, respect, friendship and strong connection between the people of Izmir, which does not shape by the religions.

While we are entering to these churches and observing the captivating aura of them, you will please your eyes and soul.

You will feel the peace in your heart.

If you wonder what their names are, here is the list of churches in Izmir that we will visit:

  • Policarp
  • John Dom
  • Anglican Church

In a nutshell, if you would like to see the greeting side of Izmir and expand your cultural accumulation, you can be one of our dear guests.

You can book this tour online easily or contact us directly; we will gladly help you!

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