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Izmir Museums Tour will be the favorite trip in Izmir for the history and culture admirers.

If you consider yourself as you are one of them, you should definitely be one of our guests.

Because during this trip, we will open the gates of the historical and cultural background of Izmir.

From the ancient eras to Ottoman period; from Ottoman period to the current time, Izmir witnessed a lot of things.

Now, it is time to see what It hides in its borders. And we will do it at the best way.

If you wonder the details, let us give you more information about the content.

At the end, you, your bag and camera will be ready to go!

What is included?

English tour Guide
All museum entrance fees

What is not included?

Drinks, Lunch
Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

What Can You Expect From our Izmir Museums Trip?

In this tour, we will visit the most outstanding museums in Izmir.

Thus, you can easily expect to expand your cultural accumulation.

Moreover, you will not be reading the boring, informative tables all the time: Our professional and friendly tour guide will provide you with amazing and entertaining information about the places that we will visit.

Also, you will enjoy to mix to the local folk and observe the city life.

This might be a very good thing in terms of learning about a place and culture deeply.

Now, let us introduce the museums that we will visit.

Embrace the Anciency: Izmir Archeology Museum

Our first stop of Izmir Museums Tour, Izmir Archeology Museum was opened to the public in 1927, and it has been welcoming its visitors since then.

People who are interested in the ancient busts, statues, statuettes, tools and other stuff that date back to Roman period adore this magnificent place.

Probably, you will, too…

In there, you will see the vibes of important ancient sites in Izmir such as Smyrna, Ephesus, Pergamon, Miletus, Aphrodisias, Clazomenae, Teos, and Iasos. Yes, it will be a very exciting and antique experience.

Izmir Ethnographic Museum

The next stop will be Izmir Ethnography Museum which was originally built in 1831 as St. Roche Hospital.

That is why, it has an impressing exterior design. And it will charm you at the first sight.

It exhibits dioramas, photos, information panels and objects that reflect the historical local lives and customs.

More specifically, the exclusive art types such as pottery, tin-plating, felt-making, weaponry and jewelry will be there, waiting for capturing your mind and interest.

And we believe that, they will be very successful.

Other Stops to Know Izmir Better

During our Izmir Museums Tour, we will also visit Izmir City Hall Museum and Izmir Chamber of Commerce Museum.

These places will offer you different types of information to you.

By learning the economical or political background of this amazing city will diversify your knowledge.

To sum up, you will know Izmir better, with every part of it.

And this active learning will grow your love towards this city, the precious pearl of Aegean coasts.

If you like the content, you can contact us and have further information.

Or, you can easily book this tour online and enjoy your day in Izmir! Remember that you will participate in the best activity in Izmir!

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