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Joining in our Izmir Pergamon Tour is what you exactly need if you want to enjoy a day that is full of ancient remains!

By departing from Izmir to Pergamon, you will have a meeting with your ancient ancestors!

Especially if you are into history, mythology and the vibes of the Hellenistic eras, you should be one of our guests.

For a day, we will be exploring the depth of the anciency, their stories and authentic vibes in the remains.

Now, let us give you the details.

What is included?

Tour guide
Entry fee

What is not included?

Personal Expenses

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

What Can You Expect from Our Pergamon Excursion?

Firstly, you can expect the comfort, because we will pick you up by our fully-equipped and modern vehicles.

Then, we will have a 1-hour-30-minute road trip to Pergamon (Bergama).

Secondly, you will learn a lot of new things during this Pergamon trip, because we have a professional and licensed tour guide.

S/he will be enlightening you about the outstanding events and figures that had the dominance in that ancient city and time. In brief, you will expand your accumulation.

And thirdly, you will enjoy a very delicious lunch which will prove the significance of Turkish cuisine!

In other words, your energy will never fade!

The Ancient City of Pergamon

We will start our Izmir Pergamon Tour by having a walk in the Ancient City of Pergamon.

While we are viewing the columns, altars, gates, acropolis and marble statues, our guide will tell you their impressive stories.

And these stories date back to 3rd and 2nd centuries BC.

As a spoiler, we can already say that all of these massive structures were dedicated to Greek gods and goddesses:

Get ready to fill your soul up with mystical songs of the mythology!

Also, since this ancient site is located at the top of a mountain, you will have a breathtaking view.


Next, we will head to Asclepiad.

This is another ancient structure, yet, it has a special feature: It is an ancient hospital.

That is why, actually, its name is dedicated to God of Health, Asclepius.

While we are enjoying our exploration, you might feel the revive of your body and soul thanks to the “healing vibes” of this amazing place.

The Museum: A Solid Gate to the History

Of course, we will not leave this ancient wonder without seeing its archeological secrets.

These secrets might be in forms of accessories, tablets or objects which were used by those ancient people.

While you are learning some general and amazing information about them, you will feel as you witnessed the stories of those people!

Purchase Some Memories 

Before ending our content-rich Izmir Pergamon Tour, we will have a nice break to let you have some time to purchase souvenirs.

They will make you and your beloved ones very happy, if you choose to buy them as gifts. They will remind you this historical journey in the Pergamon, the undying city!

In short, you will unite with a golden timeline, gods, goddesses, the invisible blood on the altars, the scent of wars and victories. During this exploration, our guidance and comfort will be following you.

We suggest you to not miss it and contact us for further information!

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