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Izmir Priene Miletus Didyma Tour will make your day full of “antique” sceneries and information. Because we will be visiting different ancient cites, historical remains, monuments, columns and more, which date back to ages ago. Yes, it will be a very dynamic and comprehensive excursion.
In short, by travelling from Izmir to Aydin (one of the provinces of Turkey), we will actually travel from the current time to the ancient eras. In other words, you will be a time traveler! To experience such a thrilling thing like this, you should be one of our guests. Of course, before that, you should learn more.
Below, you will find the details of Priene Miletus Didyma Trip. So, if you are interested in, you should keep reading.

What is included?

Hotel pick-up and drop-off services from centrally located hotels by A/C transportations
English Speaking Professional Guide

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Warm clothing
Money for personal expenses

A Delightful Start

We will start this antique journey by picking you up from your hotel in Izmir (or from the Airport) by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle in the morning. Then, we will take to the roads to Bafa Lake, which is the first stop of this adventure.
In there, we will enjoy a tasty breakfast which will prove the significance and delight of Turkish cuisine. Moreover, we will be observing the matchless scenery that the shining waters of Bafa Lake ornaments.
(This tour requires 4 people minimum. And since the trip is long and full of action, people with disabilities should not join it.)

The Temple of Apollo

Being dedicated to god of music, harmony and sun, Apollo, we will start our Izmir Priene Miletus Didyma Tour by visiting The Temple of Apollo. And our time travelling will begin immediately: The striking columns that you will see in there belong to the 4th century BCE. Their electrifying beauty, though, is timeless…

The Ancient City of Miletus

Next, we will head to one of the highlights of this program: Miletus Ancient City.
In there, you will get impressed due to its location at first: This settlement sits at the top of a mountain. Then, you will get impressed while having a walk and learning its story. As a spoiler, we can tell you that this antique city was the center of art and philosophy of Anatolia. While enjoying the panoramic view of Aegean Sea, you will learn more about this pale, unique city.

Lunch Time

Since we will get hungry with time, we will head to a local restaurant to enjoy appetizing foods. During this lunch time, we will get some rest and renew our energy, too!

The Ancient City of Priene

Daily Priene Miletus Didyma Tour from Izmir will continue with a visit to another antique and outstanding city, which is called Priene.
While we are walking in the historical streets of this city, we will learn its unique features. For example, it is known as one of the best examples of city planning in the ancient eras. Of course, our tour guide will enlighten you about the other items that makes Priene quite important.
Besides from its depth in the history, it will also please your mind and soul: You will be listening to the ancient melodies which are approximately 2500 years old.

Return to Izmir

When we enjoy the sceneries and the delightful lecture to the fullest, we will get on the bus and get ready to go back to Izmir. When we get to Izmir, we will take you to your hotel or to the airport -as you wish.
If you like the content of Izmir Priene Miletus Didyma Tour, you can book it online as other Izmir excursions that we arrange. If you would like to have further information, you can contact us 7/24!

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