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Our Izmir Troy Tour will give you a fabulous opportunity to visit the lands of Trojan War, which occurred between Greeks and Trojans in the ancient times.

The lands that witnessed the amazing characters such as Achilles, Paris, Helen and savage gladiators will be all visible, and ready to gain your love and admiration.

Thus, we can easily tell that if you love Greek mythology, you will worship the place that we will take you to.

After having a 4-hour road trip to Canakkale, where the most amazing things in Trojan War happened, from Izmir, we will enjoy uniting with a striking history.

Moreover, the learning process will be perfect thanks to our professional and licensed guides: They will enlighten us about the secrets of this memorable event.

Now, let us give you information about the program of Izmir Troy excursion to make you more excited.

What is included?

All Entrance fees

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Free Time in Canakkale City Center

After picking you up from your hotel in Izmir (or airport) by our fully-equipped bus, we will take the roads to Canakkale province of Turkey.

Approximately after spending 4 hours on the roads, we will get to the city center, which you will enjoy free time for a while.
As a recommendation:

  • You can visit Aynali Bazaar (the most popular and historical market to shop)
  • Have a walk along the seaside
  • Observe the Trojan Horse that was used in Troy movie of Brad Pitt (was gifted to Canakkale afterwards)
  • Taste a piece of Peynir Helvasi, which is the traditional dessert of Canakkale

Whatever you choose, you will never regret it!

The Ancient City of Troy: A World Heritage as UNESCO Approves

After spending your time freely, we will reunite again. Then, we will get on the bus and get to the Ancient City of Troy, which is the main part of our Izmir Troy Tour.

In there, our guides will provide you some facts and stories about Trojans. And you will feel the unique joy of walking among the pale remains that actually was a whole in Iliad, which is the earliest literary work in Europe.

The electrifying feelings will surround you.

In there, you will see a theatre, houses and their rooms, sanctuary, temples, defensive walls and gates. And you will learn their importance.

You will be walking on a narrow path that Paris walked along.

The Trojan Horse: The Best Strategy Ever

Then, the most amusing part of Izmir Troy Tour will begin: We will visit the famous Trojan Horse.

Being constructed by Greeks, this enormous wooden horse was used to hide “a select force of men inside, including Odysseus”.

It was actually a “gift” to Trojans: That is exactly how Greeks “fooled” Trojans and enter the borders of Troy.

Of course, you will learn more about it.

You will get impressed by the sizes and look of the Trojan Horse.

If you want, you can also climb the steps and enter it as an ancient Greek warrior did, and get more excited.

Comfortable Ride to Izmir

When our impressive and informative trip in Troy ends, we will get on the bus and take the roads to Izmir.

After 4 hours on the roads, we will take you to your hotel and say goodbye to each other.

If you would like to feel the gods and goddesses around you and hear the battle screams of Greeks and Trojans, you should be one of our guests.

To do so, you can book this tour online as all Izmir excursions we arrange.

Or, you can contact us and get more information.

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