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In our Izmir Turkish Hammam excursion, you will find the ultimate peace and relief. Basically, it has two main reasons: One is about transportation; you will not deal with the access.

We will pick you up by our fully-equipped vehicle and take you to the facility.

The second one is, of course, about the session: In steam, foams and hot waters, you will feel how you get rid of the toxins of your body.

Besides from being healthy, it will also make you feel as light as a cotton, Thus, you will leave the stress behind, too.

In short, a vacation which requires to renew one’s self will complete its mission.

What is included?

Visit to the salt room
Visit to the sauna and steam room
Peeling with Kese (specially gloves)
Full body foam massage
Full body oil massage (30 min)
Visit to mud pool (20 minutes)
Transfer from / to the hotel

What is not included?

Personal expenses
All beverages
Additional services

What to bring with you?


The Health of Steam

After entering the facility and change your clothes, you will wrap a towel around your body.

And, you will enter a room which resembles sauna.

During this time, which is called preparation part, the pores on your skin will enlarge. Also, your body will get softer.

As an important note here, the steam that you will breath will boost your respiratory system.

Yes, this part is very important for preparing your body and it is also important for contributing your health.

Special Session of Scrubbing

Next, the professional masseuse will enter the room and start scrubbing your body.

She will do it by using a traditional piece of cloth called “kese”.

Being produced by all-natural stuff, this cloth (which has a form of a mitten) will peel the dead layers of your skin.

Of course, the toxins of your body will leave your shining and health skin afterwards.

You will feel the difference when this amazing, blood-circulation-reviving part will end.

Enjoy the Foams

Next, you will lie down on your belly, on a heated marble platform.

A tradition from Ancient Romans, marble is used to spread the health: It was believed that marble is very beneficial for the skin care.

Besides from it, it will make your body feel the warmth and relax.

Under a mass of foam, you will enjoy a foam massage.

You will smell its delightful and fresh essence and feel you are leaving behind the stress and overwhelming thoughts.

During this period in Izmir Turkish Bath, you will feel like a brand-new person.

Spoil Yourself Even More

If you want to make this joy last longer and more efficiently, you can purchase some of the extra packages.

For instance, you can enjoy massages with natural oils, facemask and exclusive peelings.

Then, you will extent the relief and joy in Izmir Turkish Hammam.

In short, if you would like to make your hours in Izmir peaceful, relaxing and perfect, you should be one of the guests of this tradition.

To do so, you can book this tour online, or you can contact us and get more information!

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