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Izmir Waterpark is where the lovely vibes of city and ultimate fun of the slides and pools unite! Especially if you are planning to be in Izmir province of Turkey for the summertime, we can easily say that you will have one of the best summer vacations of your life.

Regardless of travelling as a couple, a group of friends or a family (you can be a solo traveler, too), the fun and satisfaction is guaranteed: Actually, the more you bring people that you love with you, the more amusement will be in Izmir Aquapark!

Now, let us give you some clues about your sunny day in Izmir Water Park, which will leave you with a warm smile on your face at the end of the day!

What Can You Expect from This Activity?

First of all, you can easily expect comfort: We will pick you and your belongings up from your hotel and have a short road trip to the Izmir Waterpark. Then, you will have a free time period until the afternoon, during which the aquapark will close its doors.

During your entire time in there, you will be sliding down on the slides, splashing waters, sunbathing and enjoying the laughter of your beloved ones. Thus, expect the fun!

Also, since it is such an important issue, we add it, too: Expect the safety… The facility will provide you with a complete hygiene and personal space.

In short, your holiday in Izmir will be worth telling!

The Beginning of the Journey

After taking you to Izmir Aquapark, you will be warmly welcomed by the professional and friendly staff of the facility. You will have a walk together. S/he will talk about the rules, procedures and general information about the place.

Then, you will put your belongings in a locker and get to the poolside to have a sunbed and umbrella. As soon as you are ready, the fun and relief will arrive!

The Colorful Slides

Speaking of the fun, we should mention the water slides first! To be honest, they will be the first things that will catch your attention: With their different heights, shapes and colors, every one of them will make you want to try them!

In short, the twisting ones, tunnels and high-speed providers will be waiting for you to slide down on them. And we highly suggest you to accept their invite.

The Relaxing Pools

Since summer means to enjoy swimming and sunbathing, Izmir Waterpark will give you a chance to enjoy both of them. You can mix to the refreshing waters of its turquoise pools. You can lie down on the surface of the waters and feel how you swing from side to side. You will also enjoy the warm touch of the sun, too!

Let the Little Ones Have Fun

In Waterpark Izmir, there is a special area for kids which is filled up with tiny toys, slides and pools! In other words, while you are having fun to the fullest, your children will, too. By following the safety procedures and observing your children, you will make their hours totally unforgettable.

A Delicious Break

In Izmir Waterpark, there will be cafes and restaurant that will provide you with delicious meals, desserts and tasty beverages! Whenever you get thirsty and hungry, you can purchase something to please your mouth and stomach! In short, your energy will be always up. Briefly, we suggest you to make one of your summer days quite exciting and fun by joining in our Izmir Aquapark tour.

Gümüldür Yalı Castle Aquapark

One of the best aquaparks in Izmir, Gümüldür Yalı Castle Aquapark is located in Menderes town of Izmir. If you would like to have an exciting time in an aquapark that has all of the amazing features we mentioned above, your choice can be here. You will find different types of slides, pools and activities to enjoy in its borders!

Moreover, you will enjoy being in peace, because this facility will not be that much crowded. That is why, if you plan to be here and enjoy one of the Izmir waterparks, you can choose this peaceful facility with its thrilling side!

Balcova AquaCity Aqupark

When “Izmir Waterpark” is mentioned, Balcova AquaCity Aqupark is the first aquapark that comes to mind. It is the first and the most popular aquapark in Izmir; that is why, it offers a professional, top-notch service that you will never forget.

In other words, we can easily say that if you want to benefit from the professionality that comes from the years, you can choose to be a guest of Balcova AquaCity Aqupark: You will find fun and adrenaline in there, too!

Briefly, we suggest you to make one of your summer days quite exciting and fun by joining in one of our Izmir Aquapark tours. And you can do it by booking it online, or you can easily contact us. We are sure that you will never regret your decision!

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