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Since there is no Jewish attraction in Ephesus, we’ll take you to amazing places with Jewish Ephesus Tour and you’ll like it.

These places are the best for tourists who love to explore history and learn new things.

Instead of Christian sights such as the House of Virgin Mary & St. Jean Church, we’ll see alternative amazing places.

You’ll walk and see amazing sceneries from ancient times. 

Ps: It’ll take 5 hours minimum. 

What is included?

English Speaking Professional Guide
A pick up and drop back services by A/C transportations (From/to in-city hotels)

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Money for personal expenses

Let’s Start 

At the pier, your tour leader will be waiting for you. They will take you to the amazing places in Ephesus and provide you with nice info. 

Sirince Village 

First destination is a cute village called Sirince Village. 

As of the 1920s, the settlement is a perfect fusion of Turk-Greek culture: during the Independence War, people exchanged between Greeks and Turks, and all those classic Greek buildings, while maintaining their original outer qualities, gained the local design within

. Guests are invited to view the most stunning examples. A well restored Orthodox church may even be found in the courtyard of one of them. 

All of the village’s short alleyways are occupied by women selling various handmade crafts and olive oil.  

You’ll love this tiny and warm village. 

Ephesus Museum 

Next, we’ll see a unique museum. 

This lovely and well-organized museum houses antiquities from the Cukurici Mound, the Basilica of St John, and the Temple of Artemis, as well as finds from current digs at the Ephesus city.

A vast group of coins dating back to first coins in history may be found in one of the areas. 

And unlike other museums, the Ephesus Museum is not organized chronologically; instead, the halls are packed with items organized by topic. 

You’ll love its aura and architecture. 

Temple of Artemis 

After that, you’ll be brought to the Artemis Temple (Diana). The building was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

The Temple of Artemis is known as one of the ancient world’s wonders. Unfortunately, there only remains now. Our tour guide, on the other hand, will give you an insightful overview of the monument.

As a consequence, you’ll get a better idea of its massive proportions before you explore the ruins. 

Selcuk Town 

Lastly, you’ll see a nice and slow city called Selcuk Town. 

Due to its closeness to the ancient city of Ephesus, the Isa Bey Mosque, the House of the Virgin Mary, and St Johns Basilica, Selçuk is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist sites.

Because the village is utilized as a stopover for further travel, it has remained largely unspoiled and undeveloped, preserving Turkish cultural heritage. The name comes from the 12th-century Seljuks who lived in the area. 

We’ll explore it a little bit and observe its nice and colorful life. 

When we see it all, we’ll end the session and you’ll be free to enjoy your day as you wish! 


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