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Kemer Buggy Safari promises to show thrilling side of Kemer, well-known with its peaceful nature and calm bays, and put you into a superb adventure!

Imagine a 2-hour session during which you’ll be riding a Buggy car –a special vehicle that needs no driving license to ride-, covering your body and car with muds and waters and observing Kemer’s natural wonders:

Buggy safari in Kemer is exactly what it is. Get ready for the best activity in Kemer!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Photo and Video

What to bring with you?

Sun cream, Sunglasses, Hat, Comfortable shoes
Swimsuit, Towel

What Kind of Program Is It?

In this special tour, you have a seat as a driver or passenger (on your demand) and enjoy a fun journey along the special route including bumpy lands, muds, puddles, rivers, dusty roads and natural wonders.

During this time, don’t forget to breathe fresh air –because we’ll be in the heart of the nature, and you’ll cleanse your body and mind through what you’ll see along the way.

The Best Things about Kemer Buggy Safari

  • Buggy safari in Kemer is an exciting, and at the same time very adventurous journey with its route including twisty roads that wrap a mountain, impassable trails, winding streets and wooded areas.
  • A buggy is a safe vehicle that does not have a roof so that you can experience all the beauty and excitement of the ride.
  • Buggy ride includes a lot of fun, joy and laughter! Also, moving safely on difficult tracks will allow you to get to know Turkey from a completely unique perspective and admire its incredibly beautiful nature.
  • Fresh and clean air, scents of pine trees and delightful sceneries will give you a charge of revival energy and will remain in your memory for a long time.
  • And during the excursion, you can take lovely photos of mountains, rivers or cute settlements! We bet you’ll have perfect selfies, too!

Riding a Special Off-Road Vehicle

Riding a Buggy might sound a very hard thing to do at first, however it is not! Also, you’ll have:

  • A high level of security,
  • The opportunity to ride on unknown and mystical places,
  • Joy of overcoming difficult obstacles on the way.

Learn from the Masters

Before taking to the roads of our amazing track, you’ll learn how to drive Buggy car first, of course. Even if these off-road vehicles are not hard to ride, you’ll be taught the basics by the professional instructors and have a training part.

Then, you’ll leave the starting point behind and enjoy a delightful adventure!

For a nice day and journey, book this tour online or contact us for further question first!

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Reviews About Kemer Buggy Safari

4.67 based on 3 reviews
11 June 2020

I went with my daughter, I really liked it. Safer than ATV. It accelerates steadily and not so quickly, although the speed of our column depended on the guide who was driving first. The child was also allowed to steer for a short time 🙂

13 July 2020

In the morning we were picked up from the hotel, brought to the collection point. We were given helmets, showed on one of the tourists how to put them on correctly. Then they explained to us how to manage it correctly and gave us the opportunity to try our hand at a trial lap. Easy to operate. Well, then our journey has already begun. We all lined up one after another, the first was the senior on the team, who is also the guide. In a couple of hours we drove through the mountains, admiring the scenery. We made two stops to rest. The tour guides constantly made sure that no one lagged behind. So in terms of security, we were calm. I recommend it to everyone who loves outdoor activities.

2 September 2020

I would like more extreme of course, so only 4 stars. I liked everything else. Thanks and recommend especially for families with children.

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