Breakfast, Dinner
Hotel Transfer
2 days

Participate in an exciting 2-Day Kemer Cappadocia Tour journey to learn about the mysteries of Cappadocia and its enchanting environment.

This unique trip provides a fantastic chance for tourists to experience Cappadocia’s charm.

Spend two days seeing the city’s most beautiful valleys, majestic fairy chimneys, and visiting some of the city’s most notable landmarks and attractions.

This 2-day adventure includes everything you’ll need for a fun and unforgettable vacation to Cappadocia.

Now, it’s time to learn the details.

What is included?

Transfer From / To in-City Hotels
All Entrance Fees
Bus with Full A/C
Full Insurance
Guided Tour
Breakfast & Dinner

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Photo and Video
Seat Not Guaranteed For The Infant

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Waterproof (rubber) shoes
Sun cream
Sunglasses, Hat
Tank top (worn under the life jacket)
Dry clothes

Day 1 – Let’s Start

We’ll pick you up from your hotels and take roads to Cappadocia.

You’ll meet professional guides on the bus.

They’ll give you detaişled info and help you at anything during the trip.


The bus will make its first visit at a restaurant serving breakfast.

Have a nutritious breakfast that will provide you with the energy you need to continue with your adventure if you want.

Enjoy a cup of Turkish tea or coffee to wake up. Multiple stops will be made along the way for your pleasure.

Saratli Underground City

The first place we’ll explore is Saratli Underground City.

The Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City contains seven levels, although only the top three are available to the public.

There are a total of 40 apartments visible, which were utilized by ancient Greek citizens as living sections, bathrooms, and food storage chambers. It is like every other underground city complex in Cappadocia, provided as a refuge for early Christians fleeing the Romans’ brutal penalties.

Our guides will give you more details about to the field.

Piegon Valley

Next, we’ll see Piegon Valley.

Here, you’ll see rock-carved pigeon nests on valleys.

You can even see piegons flying around!

Tasty Lunch

We’ll next have a tasty lunch.

This wonderful site provides spectacular views of the Valley that are pretty incredible.

You may tour the Uchisar castle and take photographs of this majestic landmark during your visit.

The bus goes on to its next location after lunch, stopping shortly at Goreme Valley.

From there, you may get a bird’s eye perspective of Cappadocia.

Cavusin Village

The bus will next take you to one of the region’s most picturesque villages.

Some monks used to live at Cavusin Village, and they carved their homes out of the rocks.

Visitors to Cavusin village may now examine and enjoy the buildings located on the rocks.

In addition, when you wander throughout the town, you will see numerous magnificent cathedrals.

Guides will give you info about village’s history as well as the architecture of the residences.

A Factory & Visit to Hotel

Next, we’ll see a factory.

Here, you can look through the fabric selection and, if you’re interested, buy some unique souvenirs to take home with you.

After that, the bus will take you to the accommodation where you will come and stay.

The hotel’s restaurant will serve you an open buffet meal once you check in.

After supper, you may chill in your bedroom, enjoy the neighborhood, or pay extra to see a fantastic Turkish Night entertainment.

Day 2

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Cappadocia is famous all over the world for its morning hot air balloon rides over magnificent landscapes.

Those who want to participate in this extra adventure should get up early on the second day of the trip.

At an additional expense, the tour guide will help you in participating in this amazing activity.

Breakfast – Leaving the Hotel

A tasty breakfast will be given in the morning at the hotel. Filling and healthy meal will provide you with the energy you need to start your exploration of Cappadocia. You will check out of the accommodation and start with the adventure!

Three Beauties

The legendary area of The Three Beauties will be your first destination on the second day of your journey.

There, you’ll be able to see majestic stone structures as well as fairy chimneys.

The Three Beauties is the city of Cappadocia’s logo, which is a fascinating fact.

The experienced tour guide will show why the valley is significant.

Amazing Valleys

We’ll see amazing valleys now: Devrent, Pasabag, and Lovers valleys, which are among Cappadocia’s most famous ones.

You may go around and admire the impressive stone structures while your breaks there.

The scenery provides the perfect setting for some breathtaking photographs. Some stone forms, for example, represent diverse shapes seen in nature, such as mushrooms or camels, which is one of the fascinating facts you will discover.

A Tasty Lunch

At the end, the bus will begin its journey back to Kemer after exploring these gorgeous hills.

You will stop at Aksaray for a break on the way back. A meal will be supplied at a local eatery near Konya as well.

Returning to Kemer

After the last stop in Cappadocia, we’ll go back to Kemer and your spectacular 2-day Cappadocia adventure has come to an end.

When you return to your hotel, get some rest and remember those amazing memories!

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