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Our Kemer Cappadocia Tour is very suitable for lovers of history, geography and of course, nature:

We will take you to the most unique and striking lands of Turkey which you will find the best reflections of all of them!

Cappadocia is a true “wonderland” which is located in the Central Anatolian Region of Turkey.

And it is famous for its stunning valleys, mesmerizing landscapes and a huge number of sacred buildings:

If you want to visit an underground city, see amazing geological formations called fairy chimneys and enjoy stunning landscapes, you should definitely visit Cappadocia from Kemer.

This visit will be full of cave temples, cells, crypts, ancient monasteries, fairy chimneys and rock-carved chapels!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
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Guide, Entrence fee
Breakfast and Dinner

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Drinks, Lunch
Tickets of Goreme Museum, Balloon Festival, Balloon Flight

What to bring with you?

Sunglasses, Hat , Swimsuit, Towel, Sun cream

Cappadocia: The Land of the Natural Geological Art

Cappadocia Excursion from Kemer is a two-day journey that gathers magical valleys, abandoned places, temples and underground cities up.

To start this journey, we will take you from Antalya Kemer and get to the Central Anatolia where the cities that extents along Cappadocia were located.

This area carries rich cultural and historical heritage and captivating structure examples of early Christianity such as underground cities that were created in the 1st millennium BC.
Some of them are:

  • The provincial town of Avanos
  • Pasabag Valley
  • Uchisar Castle

In the heart of Cappadocia, there is also famous Goreme National Park, where a bunch of cave settlements are situated.

That is why, it is a real open-air museum, which is a UNESCO heritage.

Highlights of Goreme Open-Air Museum

Firstly, when walking through the park, you will see many churches in Cappadocia which symbolize the significance of Christianity in the region, during those particular eras.

  • Churches of St. Barbara, Serpentine, Dark and Sandal are the best and most popular landmarks among the churches we mentioned above.

Along with those churches, various frescoes have survived to this day as well. And they are perfect expressions of:

  • Epiphany
  • Entrance to Jerusalem
  • Transformation
  • Birth
  • Betrayal and Crucifixion
  • Prayer and others…

Shortly, you will feast your eyes through the striking figures, bright colors and imagery on the walls if you become one of our lovely guest in Kemer Kapadoya Tour!

Underground Cities in Cappadocia: Living under the Surface

During archaeological research and excavations in 1960 in Cappadocia, underground cities called Derinkuyu (the deepest one) and Kaymakli (the largest one) were discovered.

Also, The Underground City of Saratli was found which dates back to Roman Empire. The remains of pottery, household items and other types of ancient stuff can be seen there.

If you wonder why people preferred to live under the ground level and carved their own cities instead of building ordinary places, we should answer you by telling “to survive”:

Actually, those people were hiding from the enemies and warriors that threaten their lives!

The Birth of Cappadocia: How was Cappadocia Formed?

More than 65 million years ago, volcanoes on these lands erupted due to tectonic movements. And as a result of it, everywhere was covered with tuffs and different types of rocks.

Then, this natural formation had to face with strong weather conditions so as to get formed slowly in time.

The power of winds and waters shaped the lands and turned them into fairy chimneys, caves or other types of amazing structures.

Witness the Magic

By joining in our Kemer Cappadocia Tour, you will have a chance to visit and see all of the striking places that we mentioned above, and even more!

So, leave Antalya behind for once and get ready to witness the magic in the lands of beautiful horses!

In short, the only thing you should do is book this program or to contact us for further information!

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5.00 based on 3 reviews
13 May 2020

l have bought with a friend on this site a two-days excursion from Kemer to Cappadocia. It was our dream to visit Cappadocia and now it has come true. Everything was done very conveniently, we just had to pay and be ready for the trip. During the purchase process, we still had a few questions about the trip, to which the team of Excursion market promptly answered us. Thank you so much for our trip!

8 July 2020

Great tour. If you come to Side and decide to visit Cappadocia, be sure to take the opportunity to buy a tour on this website. We liked everything very much, and special thanks to our guide, who was with us all this time, patiently answered all our questions and conducted excursions with great interest. Highly recommended!!!

19 August 2020

I want to visit here again, Cappadocia is such an amazing place. Many thanks to our guide for an unforgettable excursion. And I want to separately thank the guys from this travel agency, who not only sell tours, but are also constantly in touch. I liked everything very much.

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