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Kemer Fishing Tour is a peaceful activity with a broad variety of fishes, enjoyable hours, delightful landscapes, friendly people and endless adventures!

Regardless of our guests’ level in fishing -inexperienced or master, everyone having the same desire to make the day very dynamic and fun is welcomed warmly on aboard!

Grab the beloved ones and come aboard so that we’ll sail!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Fishing equipment

What is not included?

Personal Expenses

What to bring with you?

Sun cream, Sunglasses, Hat, Comfortable shoes
Swimsuit, Towel

The Fishes are Ready Even at the Dawn, So Are We

To begin our tranquil and fun day, before sailing, our tour bus will pick you up from your hotel and bring to the harbor where our special fishing boats depart.

Arrival will be approximately at 7 am. We hope you got your sun cream, sunglasses and hat so as to avoid sunburns! Ones who desire mixing to the fresh waters should also bring their swimsuits!

When you come aboard, you will meet our professional crew and have a seat. You’ll learn how to utilize fishing tackle, fishing rods and reels.

If you are inexperienced in fishing, you’ll be taught the secrets of fishing.

Learn from the Masters

Kemer Fishing Tour has a crew consisting of professional members that are local fishermen at the same time.

They know the best fishing spots including a vast diversity of sea creatures, epic sceneries and favorable conditions. And you’ll benefit from their information.

During the fishing trip, you can fish, learn the tips about catching the hugest and chubbiest fishes, chat with your family/friends, get a tan on the deck or dive into the Mediterranean’s depths!

Appetizing Lunch on the Deck

We suppose the lunch we’ll give on the deck is the best one among all Kemer tours:

We can grill the fish you caught for you! Of course, only the edible ones we cook, such as perch, guppy and sea bream.

If you can’t get one, you will not starve to death, of course. There will be a menu for all guests who succeed or not! The menu consists of fresh salads, schnitzels, pasta, and your fish.

The Best Way to Release Stress

Listen to the sound of your rod spinning, waves’ rattles and whistling winds. You will enjoy the sun, sea and fresh air.

The fishing points that we’ll visit have no strong currents in the sea so that we’ll catch fishes easily. And cleansing your body and mind in that atmosphere is inevitable.

Join Us

If you want to mix to the nature and pure waters of the sea and learn how to fish at the best way, you should be a guest of Kemer Fishing Tour.

To do so, you can book this tour online or contact us for further information and meet the fishing activity in Kemer.

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Reviews About Kemer Fishing Tour

5.00 based on 4 reviews
19 May 2019

The boat is equipped with an echo sounder, on the screen of which you can see the presence or absence of fish under the boat)) So no one will be left the boat without a catch. The children especially enjoyed fishing. Thank

11 July 2020

As they say, fish catch is guaranteed 🙂 Everything is very punctual, we expected a maximum of a couple of minutes. Mega recommend :)) ⭐

3 August 2020

These people know how to have fun and entertain us :)) It would seem an ordinary fishing, but so many impressions, such a cool organization. I liked it very much, especially the children did. As part of the crew, as it is written here, professional fishermen, who told everything with humor, showed, explained. THANKS.

6 September 2020

We filled up and bought for a year ahead. Next time, all excursions are only with excursion market, thank you for organization!

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