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Kemer Jeep Safari is an unforgettable adventure on bumpy roads during which our professional drivers splash the muds and waters all around, you have fun through joining in water fights and of course, observe untouched beauty of Kemer’s nature. What else do you need?

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Entrance to the cave (optional)

What to bring with you?

Sunglasses, Hat, Camera

The Best Excursion in Kemer for Adrenaline Admirers

While this tour is not a Off-Road race, there will be still sufficient amount of adrenaline along with natural beauties, fun, natural beauties and captivating sceneries!

A tasty break for tasting the bests of Turkish cuisine is included in, too…

Slopes of hills with thousands of meters of height will become our photo stops by having the best angles and delightful bird-eye view, and fresh air will fill our lungs up. Who would say no to this adventure?

Things Kemer Off-Road Tour Includes

Our superb off-road safari in Kemer program includes these:

  • An off-road adventure
  • Photo stops
  • Visits to a local village -during which you can meet some Turkish gardeners, ruins of a Byzantine fortress and a cave
  • Swimming in a river

In a nutshell, the content is very dynamic and you have no reason –and time to get bored. And make everything much better, we strongly recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as taking a sufficient amount of bottled water with you.

Why Should You Be a Guest of Kemer Off-Road Safari?

If you are not convinced yet, we would like to add more on the list of reasons why you should join in this amazing adventure:

  • This is a pretty comfortable excursion. Since there are not more than 8 people in the off-road, the trip is comfortable and fun.
  • Imagine sitting in the car with your 8-friend crew and chatting, or meeting new people… Sounds amazing, right?
  • The drivers / guides are very experienced – they will not only ensure your safety, but also suggest the best places to take some photos.
  • You will see natural and historical monuments such as ancient Byzantine fortress’ ruins and Kesme Bridge, through which Alexander the Great passed with his army, and more!
  • As a rule, if the excursion is arranged during the harvest season, the locals treat the tourists with fruits such as pomegranate, persimmon, figs, plums or grapes. And believe us, the taste of those organic delights are totally perfect!
  • You will be able to see hospitality of Turkish people by meeting gardeners.

It Is Completely Safe

You might wonder the safety procedures of Kemer Off-Road Safari: No worries –we will take care of you!

Our off-road are fully-equipped and regularly maintained, and our drivers are professional.

Also, the Off-Road are disinfected before and after hosting our guests. So, you have nothing to worry about your health or safety.

The Most Adventurous Way to Explore Kemer

By signing up for Kemer Off-Road Safari, you will take a very enjoyable ride during which you will feast your eyes!

Fresh air, fun small talks, scents of pine trees, wild flowers, relaxing swimming sessions and more will be waiting for you.

Book this tour or contact us for further information!

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Reviews About Kemer Jeep Safari

5.00 based on 4 reviews
29 May 2019

I went with my son, we both really liked it. Thanks you.

6 June 2020

They really wanted to ride jeeps. So we were on a jeep safari for the first time. Expected to get a dose of extreme and see the beautiful views. And so it happened. Our driver stopped several times so that we could take photos. Now, sitting at home, we constantly review them. If you are in Kemer, be sure to take this tour.

21 July 2020

We always buy jeep rides, very much we like this pastime. We decided to try the route around Kemer 🙂 When we read the description of the route on the site, we thought it was just an advertising attraction, but no, we actually visited a lot of places, including some huge tree. The driver – who is also the guide – said that it was over a hundred years old 🙂 We drove through the local villages, very beautiful. I also liked the observation deck at a height from which a super view opens up. Thanks for the trip!

6 September 2020

I liked the excursion very much! The sea of ​​drive, we visited a bunch of beautiful places, there was a very tasty lunch in the village when we visited 3000 years old plane trees – we rode a swing, swam in waterfalls! I would also like to note the professionalism of the drivers, it was not boring with them! I will definitely take this excursion again the next time I visit Kemer, as one is definitely not enough!

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