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Every year Kemer Pamukkale Tour is one of the most demanded tours, and this is not surprising, because we are talking about a real pearl of Turkey!

Having beauty of natural landscapes and legendary historical monuments, this city will leave many unforgettable memories in your memory!

And now we will try to list the main attractions of Pamukkale, which we recommend you to visit.


We spend 5 hours in Pamukkale!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Guiding Service (EN)
Bus with Full A/C
Full Insurance
Breakfast, Dinner

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Photo and Video
Seat Not Guaranteed For The Infant
Cleopatra’s Pool Entrance Fee
Entrance Fees to Pamukkale

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Waterproof (rubber) shoes
Sun cream
Sunglasses, Hat
Tank top (worn under the life jacket)
Dry clothes

Distance from Kemer to Pamukkale

Route is about four and a half hours. Our tourists usually like the part of the road to Antalya very much, because it runs along the coast.

Thermal Springs of Pamukkale (Travertines)

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of Pamukkale is the famous thermal springs, aka travertines.

They arose 400 millennia ago as a result of the rise of calcium-rich mineral fluids to the ground.

The absorption of these liquids resulted in the formation of travertines, which are strange terraces coated with snow-white calcium.

This is a true natural wonder. It’s no coincidence that UNESCO recommended that a large portion of the travertines be restricted to tourists in 1988.

However, for those in need to enjoy this beauty, they left half a hectare so that they could swim in the local waters, take beautiful photos, and remember the excursion to the travertines in Pamukkale for the rest of their lives.

Pool of Cleopatra in Pamukkale

Truly one of the main natural wonders of Pamukkale is the Cleopatra Pool.

It is famous for the healing properties of its waters, which are saturated with minerals.

Their high concentration has a beneficial effect on people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, overweight and skin diseases.

Plus, the water from the Cleopatra Pool in Pamukkale has a rejuvenating effect! So, if you want to reset ten years, you are welcome.

By the way, the water temperature in this pool can reach 36 degrees.

The high mineralization makes the waters slightly carbonated, which creates a very pleasant bathing experience.

But there are also limitations: you cannot swim in the pool for more than 2 hours – you can harm your health.

Ancient City of Hierapolis

Since ancient times, the city of Hierapolis has been known for its healing springs.

Many people came here, who, having recognized the healing properties of calcium water, hoped to improve their health.

During the heyday of the Roman Empire, the population of Hierapolis exceeded 100 thousand people, which allowed this city to be considered one of the largest in Asia Minor.

Unfortunately, today only ruins remain of this great city. However, almost all Pamukkale tours from Kemer include a visit to this ancient monument, as it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988!

Hierapolis Museum

In view of the above, it is unlikely that anyone will be surprised by the fact that the ruins of Hierapolis have become a real Mecca for all those who are fond of history and archeology.

It was their efforts, with the assistance of the Turkish government, that a unique museum was created here, the funds of which are regularly replenished with various artifacts found during excavations at the site of the ancient city:

  • Coins,
  • Sarcophagi,
  • Household items,
  • Jewelry and jewelry,
  • Ancient medical instruments, etc.

By the way, the museum itself is located in the building of a former Roman bath. And if you care about history, you simply must visit here!

Excursion to the Theater in Pamukkale

No less remarkable is the theater in Pamukkale, which is considered the third largest ancient monument of this type in Turkey.

During its heyday, this theater, which is almost 2000 years old, attracted an audience of fifteen thousand, which by the standards of that era was simply a colossal figure!

City of the Dead

Much less sublime from a spiritual point of view, but equally valuable for historians and admirers of antiquity is the ancient City of the Dead (Necropolis in Hierapolis).

This majestic place once served as a burial vault for wealthy people, and it is noteworthy because it is considered the largest necropolis in Asia Minor.

St. Philip Church in Pamukkale

Slightly younger than the monuments listed above, but no less interesting in terms of its historical significance, is the ancient church built in the 5th century in Hierapolis.

It was consecrated in honor of one of the twelve apostles – Saint Philip, who in the first century was martyred at the hands of local pagans.

You may be one of these lucky ones! An excursion to Pamukkale from Kemer is a great chance to get in touch with, perhaps, the main natural attraction of Turkey, about which legends have been made since ancient times. However, it will be very useful for health too!

End of Kemer Pamukkale Tour

When places we mention are visited, we’ll end Kemer Pamukkale Tour and go back to Kemer. We’ll drop you off your hotels and let you rest! Contact us for further info!

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