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Kemer Pamukkale Tour is one of the most preferred and best Kemer tours unsurprisingly: Because Pamukkale is pearl of Turkey with its matchless historical and natural wealth and unique beauty. As a proof, Pamukkale is on the list of UNESCO World Heritages. By visiting there with us, you will enjoy a safe, quick and fun ride to the unique white lands of Turkey.

Kemer Pamukkale Tour Price - 30 Euro

And now, we will list down the main attractions of Pamukkale that we recommend you to visit which will always remain in your memory.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Bu with Full A/C
Guide (EN)
Full Insuarance

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Cleopatra Pool
Breakfast, Lunch,Drinks
Entrance Fees to Pamukkale

What to bring with you?

Sunglasses, Hat , Swimsuit, Towel, Sun cream

Pamukkale Travertines

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of Pamukkale is its travertines (thermal springs or terraces). They were formed 400 thousand years ago as a result of the emergence of mineral waters saturated with calcium to the surface.

As a result of the evaporation of these waters, bizarre terraces were covered with snow-white calcium were formed, which are called travertines. This is truly a natural miracle so that in 1988, on the recommendation of UNESCO, a significant part of the travertines were closed to tourist access.

In its open-to-visit part, though, you can

  • swim in the thermal waters
  • take beautiful photos of the travertines
  • and take a walk on Pamukkale Mountain bare foot (yes, wearing any kind of shoe is forbidden!) and feel the warmth under your feet.

They all will be a superb travelling experiences.

Pamukkale Cleopatra Pool

Truly, one of the main natural wonders of Pamukkale is the Cleopatra Pool. It is famous for its healing minerals in its waters and incredible view. And these waters are very beneficial for people who are suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, overweight and skin diseases.

Plus, the waters of Cleopatra Pool in Pamukkale have a rejuvenating effect! With a swimming session in it, you can feel that your body is reviving and you are getting younger! By the way, the water temperature in this pool can reach to 36 degrees. And you should swim in there for 2 hours maximum.

The Ancient City of Hierapolis

With our Kemer Pamukkale Tour, you can also visit The Ancient City of Hierapolis. Famous for its baths in historical eras, it hosted many people from different regions and civilizations who wanted to treat themselves!

During the heyday of the Roman Empire, the population of Hierapolis exceeded 100 thousand people. So, people believe that Hierapolis was one of the largest cities in Asia Minor.

And today, the ruins of this great city can be seen!  You can take a walk to the peak of Pamukkale Mountain and visit Hierapolis!

In the city, you will get impressed through the well-protected parts of it such as:

  • the theatre
  • necropolis
  • churches
  • Roman baths
  • streets
  • monuments
  • and sculptures…

You can also get information about them by reading the related tables.

Hierapolis Museum

Also, you can see all the ancient items that were found during the archeological processes in Hierapolis Museum such as coins, sarcophagi, household items, jewelry and ancient medical instruments.

By the way, the museum itself is located in the building of a former Roman bath. And if admire history and ancient structures, you simply must visit here!

Get from Kemer to Pamukkale with Us

In a nutshell, joining in our Kemer Pamukkale Tour is an amazing chance if you would like to diversify your vacation in Kemer by visiting one of the most significant places in Turkey. The ride will be very comfortable which will suit for all of the beauties that you will see in Pamukkale afterwards!

Contact us for further information!

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