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Signing up for Konya Tour from Istanbul is a key to an endless joy, learning and fun through travelling.

Konya is one of the most significant provinces of Turkey for holding a wealthy background as being a settlement for Seljuks and center of dervishes later.

And, it is a gift that waits for being opened by you, one of the lucky tourists. Especially if you are into Islamic architecture, which is quite impressive and authentic, this tour in Konya will provide you a complete satisfaction.

Now, if you are ready to observe Turkey through an authentic and exotic perspective, we would like to take you from Istanbul to Konya by a short flight.

The cultural and historical center of Turkey, Istanbul, which carries the remains and stories of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman era will get behind.

Then, we will visit a valuable city with ancient cities, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture and mysterious vibes.

We bet you are more than ready, aren’t you?

What is included?

Hotel pick-up and drop-off services from centrally located hotels by A/C transportations
English Speaking Professional Guide

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What Can You Expect from Konya Tour from Istanbul?

During our amazing Konya Tour from Istanbul, you will visit one of the most important cities in central Anatolia and meet a new culture.

Also, you will be able to observe the glamorous structures, Islamic art and the striking power of the architectural texture.

You will learn interesting things thanks to our professional and licensed guides and have a chance to expand your cultural accumulation.

In addition, since we will handle the transportation, the only thing you should do will be to wake up early: You will not worry about how to get to the airport or to Konya.

Also, of course, since this tour is a full-day program, we will have an appetizing lunch which will prove the delight of Turkish cuisine.

Daily Konya Tour Program

After picking you up from your hotel, getting to airport, taking a plane and arriving to Konya, we will visit many of the outstanding travel points.

Below, you will find their names and importance; with that, you will be familiar with them and get even more excited!

Mevlana Museum

The grandfather of Whirling Dervishes, Mevlana who lived between 1207-1273 is a very interesting religious figure, and our first stop will be this museum which was dedicated to him.

His tomb, works and art will be exhibited for your interest. Moreover, the lives of other dervishes will be visible through their remains.

The different sections that were used by dervishes for praying, searching for Allah, cleansing their souls, chanting, reading and cooking will be visited.

Of course, you will learn the details, stories and myths by our guide and get very impressed.

Selimiye Mosque

Then, we will visit one of the most significant Islamic architectures which stand still for centuries. On the request of Sultan Selim, Selimiye Mosque was built in 16th century, and its greatness, glamour, authentic style and delicate decoration is worth seeing.

That is why, we will visit it and take photos of its immortality.

The Madrasahs: The Education for the Noble Ones

During our trip, we will also visit two “madrasahs” which have an important place in Ottoman and Seljuk periods.

Madrasahs were used as “schools” which gave religion lectures for the sons of sultans, princes and emperors, and these buildings still have an impressive aura and design. While you are observing their delicate, architectural lines and the sense of “wisdom”, you will feel that you are in a time machine.

Especially while our guide is giving you more detailed information about the life and education system of them, you will be more and more impressed.

Karatay Madrasah and Ince Minaret Medrasah (it is also a museum of wooden works and carved-art) will definitely charm you at the first step you take in there.

Aladdin Mosque

Aladdin Mosque is the oldest and the biggest mosque of the period of Seljuks, and you will understand it as soon as you see its enormous sizes and intense beauty.

Also, it witnessed many of the significant rulers, wars, victories and battles during the period, and afterwards.

Therefore, its story is very rich and should be known by the tourists who are into history. If you are one of them, you are very lucky: You will learn the secrets and mysteries that it hides in its tiles and respected glamour.

In short, if you become one of our guests, you will enjoy the authentic side of Turkish culture and see the beauty of Islamic art in different ways and works. The entire day that we will share will be full of fun, learning and amazement.

To do so, you can book Konya Tour from Istanbul online, or contact us to learn more!

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