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Kusadasi Adaland Dolphin Show will decorate your vacation in Kusadasi with incredible feelings and ultimate fun!

During the show time, you will have a chance to observe the talents of the sweet sea animals such as dolphins.

And you will definitely adore their intelligence and ability to dance!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
The show

What is not included?

Food & Drinks
Personal Spendings

What to Bring with You?


Especially if you are planning to spend your time with your children, you should know this is the best activity to join in all together:

When you are exploring the fun side of these lovely creatures, your children will be growing the love up in their hearts towards animals.

In short, it is the most adorable win-win situation that you will have in Kusadasi!

Things You Should Know Before Signing Up For It

Before giving the details about our program, let us provide you with some information.

  • The show will last approximately for 40-45 minutes.
  • It starts at 2 pm.
  • It is available for everyone!

The Details of the Program

After getting to the amazing facility the famous show, which is Kusadasi Adaland Dolphin Show, will start immediately!

First, you have to reach to the place where you will watch the show, for sure. After giving your ticket and entering the place, the professional staff of Adaland will lead you to the show platform.

They will also give information about the animals, place and process, too!

You will have a seat as other guests, and relax your body and mind. Then, when the trainers and animals are ready, they will come to the pool.

In the special pool, dolphins will play with colorful hoops and balls.

With the help of their trainer, they will be always in harmony. And this harmony will get even more effective when they start dancing!

At the end of this fun and interesting Kusadasi Adaland Dolphin Show, you will have a big smile on your face…

That is why, we recommend you to sign up for it now.

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