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Kusadasi to Samos Day Trip is the key for combining one of the most beautiful points of the Aegean Sea: Kusadasi and Samos Island. With a boat trip along the dark blue waters will make a perfect connection between these places; and you will be able to enjoy a perfect travelling experience while you are observing the beauties of Samos.

Known with the authentic structures and unpolluted beaches, Samos Island is a pearl of Aegean Sea, and you can see the reason of it on your own eyes by enrolling in Kusadasi Samos tour. Before seeing for sure, you can read the details of the program to make your mind clearly.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Ferry Tickets (Both Ways)
Port Taxes

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Lunch & Drinks

What to Bring with You?

Sun Cream
Sun Glasses
Comfortable Clothing
Comfortable Shoes

Get Prepared

Before visiting amazing shores of Samos, you need to prepare your bag properly for avoiding misfortunes later.

As a start, do not forget to bring your passport (and if you have, your children’s, too), since there will be a control before entering to the boundaries of Greece for sure.

Then, make sure that you put your sun cream, sunglasses and hat in your bag in order to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays.

And lastly, you should definitely take your camera; because the place is a perfect source for photography.

The Start

To start our daily Kusadasi Samos tour officially, we will pick you up from your hotel in the early hours of morning, by our fully-equipped, comfortable, modern and safe vehicle.

Then, we will drive until we reach to the port in which ferryboats depart.

Samos Island

After a 90-minute voyage, we will arrive to Samos Island. Before the entrance, there will be a passport control; and then, we will be able to start enjoying our lovely hours in Samos.

The Free Time

Welcome to the most popular and prettiest island of Greece! In there, you have 6 hours to spend as you wish.

As a recommendation, though, we can suggest you to crown your summer vacation by lying down on the golden sands of the beaches, swimming in the crystal and fresh waters and enrolling in different kinds of water sports that take place in the related fields.

Beyond the boundaries of the summertime, you can also be a traveler who wants to see, explore and learn new places and things in any time; therefore, you should walk in the streets and villages of Samos to visit authentic villages which are worth-seeing and snapped by a camera.

During your journey, you can visit local restaurants to taste delicious meals and to refill your energy; since you will need it while trying to get as much as you can from this beautiful island.

In brief, for 6 hours, you will be pleasing your eyes, soul and mind thanks to Samos Island, the host of Kusadasi Samos tour.

The End of Kusadasi Samos Tour

After you take lovely photographs, have fun and purchase souvenirs; we will unite again.

Then, we will get to the port, pass the passport control, get on the ferry and sail. In the port of Kusadasi, there will be our vehicle that waits for taking you to your hotel.

When you get to your hotel, our Kusadasi Samos tour will end successfully.

If you like the content of Kusadasi Samos trip, you can book it online, or you can get more information by contacting us; we will help you willingly.

Pick Up Times for Samos Tour from Kusadasi

GOLF RESORT 07.00 CENTER 07.30 – 07.45
GUZELCAMLİ 07.00 KUSTUR 07.05 – 07.20
DAVUTLAR 07.05 – 07.10 PAMUCAK 06.50 – 06.55
LADİES BEACH 06.40 – 07.40 OZDERE 06.30 – 07.15

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Reviews About Kusadasi to Samos Day Trip

5.00 based on 3 reviews
9 April 2022

My friends who have been to Samos said that it’s a very interesting place with a lot of kind people. While I was there, I couldn’t get my eyes off the water because it was so beautiful. Most of the boat tours I’ve been on have dirty waters, but this one was just pure. Once I got to Samos, I just quickly started going over to the places my friends said were very good yet they were right. The places sold a lot of interesting and good stuff. I honestly felt like the people who lived there were so lucky to get to live in an amazing place filled with very kind people. Seeing people like that just made my day better.

11 June 2022

I like tours on the beaches, sea, and anywhere near water, so this was like a golden ticket for me. First, when I got on the boat, I just looked all around me to see the blue seas before me. I just watched as we slowly made our way; the motion of the sea was so good and relaxing. Once we reached Samos, I just looked at the buildings. Then, I looked at the places I could go; there were a lot of interesting places to go. Every place I went looked even better than the last one. I had so much fun going around and looking for new stuff I couldn’t understand how the time. I enjoyed this tour a lot.

24 July 2022

My, I and my family love small breaks from life and stress and we thought there was no better way to make all of our stress go away than by going on a nice tour we all love swimming and hot weather so we just enjoyed every second of that boat taking us to Samos once we got to the Samos real fun began kids just ran around I started buying some pretty looking magnets and small statues my husband filling his mouth with almost everything he could found it was very fun and funny, to say the least Samos was not a big deal yet I still like it the way that the people were to us how friendly and nice they were they even let us discuss the prices of the things we were gonna buy and we got many things a lot cheaper! Overall, we forgot about the stressful life we had back at home. I suggest everyone who wants to get their head off of stress to come and try this tour out.

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