No Food
Hotel Transfer
1 Hour

Our amazing Marmaris Massage event in Marmaris is a super option for you if you want to relax and enjoy 3 different massages in 1 session!

Get rid of stress, tiredness and toxicity of this overwhelming life and enjoy relaxation!

This wonderful and restful activity is only a few hours long, yet it is extremely helpful to both your well-being.

Now, it’s time to learn more!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer
Classical Massage (Sweedish)
Head Massage (Indian)
Foot Massage
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Other Massages

What to bring with you?


Amazing Marmaris Massage Starts

Firstly, to make this delightful Marmaris Massage trip even more peaceful, we begin with a nice pick-up from your hotel and have a comfortable trip to the spa center.

You’ll love the place at the first sight!

After getting ready for the massages, the first session will begin!

Swedish Massage

You’ll start with Swedish massage, which is the most popular type of massage.

Johan Georg Mezger, a Dutch massage therapist, is credited with establishing Swedish massage, yes, not a Swedish person!

Along with this funny information, we also inform you about the amount of relaxation you’ll have, which is a lot…

Enjoy this classical massage but don’t forget it’s just beginning!

This massage was originally intended to enhance blood circulation and decrease soreness, but as time went on, it became clear that it had other advantages.

Anxiety and tension relief, as well as muscular relaxation, are among them. You’ll understand what we mean…

Indian Massage

Next, you’ll get Indian Massage.

This simple and effective massage is commonly used to the head and face, but it may also be used to the neck, arms, and shoulders.

It reduces headaches and very good for eyes, sinuses, hair growth, and other things.

This massage can also help to relieve headache and calm you if you get it on a routine basis.

Reflexology Massage

And you’ll get a very special massage.
Reflexology massage is a sort of massage that is done on the foot.

Magical touches are delivered to specific places on the foot. Each of the spots corresponds to a different bodily organ.

This unique procedure may be used to cure a variety of issues, including nasal issues and sciatic nerve pain.

It needs the use of a skilled and qualified healer who is familiar with all of the spots that are linked to specific pressure points. And you will get it!

End of Marmaris Massage

At the end, our car will greet you in front of the facility after your massage treatment and bring you back to your Marmaris hotel.

Now, if you want to relax, join in this adventure! Also, don’t fotget checking all things to do in Marmaris!

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