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Off-road safari in Marmaris, also widely known as “Marmaris Off-Road Safari” is an opportunity to gain a lot of experiences in one day during the ride in the pine forests and country roads of Bozburun peninsula.

During the trip, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, swim in the mudflow area, visit the waterfalls of Turgut, and experience the feeling of walking in the middle of the sea by following the sand bar in Kiz Kumu.

Moreover, while having fun and top-notch experiences, you will also see the untouched beaches, local small villages and outstanding countryside of Marmaris.

What is included?

A pick up and drop back services
Lunch (Chicken, pasta, salad)
Full insuruance
English Speaking Crew

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Towel and Hat
Comfortable Shoes

The Difference of Marmaris Off-Road Safari

Although there are different safari types that you can enjoy within the borders of Marmaris such as buggy, off-road , quad and horse safari, Marmaris Off-RoadSafari is the most well-known.

Well, since you are here, why not having the time of your life on off-road vehicles driven by experienced drivers who not only know the local roads perfectly, but also guarantee you to have fun.

Our guides will make sure you are well taken care of for the whole day and your driver will also be in charge of your safety and security.

What Can You Expect from This Excursion?

On this amazing journey, you can participate in a battle with water guns which is commonly takes place in every off-road safari tour.

So, feel free to go on a off-road tour, if you come with a friend, you can sprinkle a little and have some fun with friends. If you come alone, having fun during the water battle will help you make acquaintances.

Also, we will visit amazing stops; and one of them is famous Turgut Waterfall!

Turgut Waterfall: The Heart of Green Color

The waterfall area is registered as a grade one natural site area because of its unique nature.

You can also take a walk along among the dense trees and enjoy the waterfall view from a different perspective.

While visiting Turgut waterfall, which actually consists of 5 small waterfalls, during our Marmaris Off-RoadSafari, you will have the chance to swim under the waterfall, and a stroll along the stream.

Also, in the clear water of the mountain streams, you can see numerous and iridescent fish and crabs on their swim.

Enjoy a Tasty Lunch

After spending all these energy and effort, your stomach might start rumbling.

That means it is the best time to take a short break in one of the Turkish Restaurants that are sprinkled around the area and offer you different types of dishes from the great variety of local Mediterranean or traditional Turkish cuisine.

As an important note here, we would like to underline the fact that the off-road safari is not recommended for pregnant women and very young children, since the country roads will be bumpy.

Off-RoadSafari is one of the relaxing things to do in Marmaris. If you are ready to a real adventure, contact us and have it!

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Reviews About Marmaris Jeep Safari

5.00 based on 3 reviews
19 May 2020

FUN! We drove in a column of jeeps, when we left the main road, the drivers began to arrange races among themselves, and we doused the crews of neighboring cars with water)) It looked safe, only wet)) Our first stop was at the Turgut waterfall. An unusual place. It is very quiet and cool there, you can walk on the stones, climb to the waterfall itself, you just need comfortable shoes with non-slip soles. The second stop was at the sea spit – this is such a long sandy road that goes straight into the sea. We also had lunch there in a restaurant overlooking the sea. When we were returning back, we stopped at the observation deck, which offers a stunning view of the city. Thanks recommend.

30 July 2020

I decided to surprise my spouse and ordered a jeep safari excursion even before the trip. I ordered it through WhatsApp, it’s very convenient.
In the morning a jeep came for us with a slight delay. After arriving at the starting point, we were given full information about the excursion itself. Of course, all the beauties of Marmaris cannot be described !!! We drove into the village, made a stop in the forest. We visited the Turgut waterfall. We visited the village of Orhaniye, on the Maiden Spit. And even swam in the Aegean Sea !!! Everything went perfectly. Thank you for the excursion))

12 September 2020

The route is well thought out. You don’t just ride through the forest, but drive out of the city along a narrow serpentine. The views are amazing. When you go back along the same road, a magnificent view of the city opens on the right. On the way, we made several stops to look at a secluded waterfall and the popular Kyzkum spit. I liked everything, thank you.

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