Hotel Transfer
On Arrival
06:30 – 08:30

Pamukkale paragliding event is prepared for you to hit the adrenaline button as hard as you can, over the wonderful, the white and bizarre terrains of Pamukkale!

Pamukkale Paragliding Price - Euro

If you would like to hear the beats of your heart to the accompaniment of a breathtaking bird-eye view of the fields, hills, forests, mountains, terraces, travertines, the ancient city of Hierapolis and more.

In other words, you should definitely participate in our Pamukkale tandem paragliding tour, and spoil your eyes and wild, adventurous soul!Moreover, you will not have to deal with controlling the wing, you will only enjoy the priceless moments; since there will be a professional pilot who will be in charge of rotating, floating and flying!

Thus, if you do not want to explore Pamukkale only by walking or hiking, you should try much more thrilling opportunity; in other words, paragliding!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
All Equipments
Training Service
Pilot Fee

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Transfer To / From Denizli City Center – 15 € (Optional)
Transfer To / From Denizli Airport – 20 € (Optional)

What to bring with you?

Comfortable clothes and shoes.

Get Prepared for Pamukkale Paragliding

Before getting into the details of the program of Pamukkale paragliding, we would like to share some information which is related to the preparation session that takes place before the flight.

  • First of all, we would like to highlight the fact that if there is a sudden change of the weather conditions at the booked day, the event may be cancelled and you get paid back, or enjoy the event in a different day. In that kind of situation, the final decision is made by the professional crew; and the aim of them all is to guarantee your safety.
  • Secondly, we suggest you to apply the sun cream on your skin to prevent getting sunburn through the whole session.
  • And lastly, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes before meeting us.

To start our paragliding event officially, we will pick you up from the hotel that you stay in Pamukkale by our fully-equipped, modern and elegant vehicle, at the pre-scheduled hour according to your booking time.

After a comfortable drive, we will get to Dinamit Tepesi (means Dynamite Hill when it is exactly translated), since the flight will be started at the cliff of there. Of course, there are not real dynamites!

The Meeting

In the particular area, you will be welcomed warmly by the professional and licensed crew of Pamukkale paragliding, and your pilot, too. Then, he will give detailed information about the safety procedures, equipment, gliding session, and things you should and should not do during the flight.

Also, he will gladly answer your questions to clarify everything you wonder. Addition to all of them, since he will be controlling the wing that will help you to glide, the experience will be very comfortable for you; the only thing you need to do is to have fun!

During Pamukkale Paragliding

When you wear everything that required and the equipment is double-checked, you will jump from the hill with your instructor, from 300 meters above the ground level; and the journey will begin!

During the entire duration of Pamukkale paragliding, for 15-30 minutes in the air (depends on the weather conditions), you will be full of high-level of adrenaline, excitement and amazement.

By observing the white surface of Pamukkale Mountain and the turquoise waters in its terraces, you will even be able to find the peace in such a thrilling experience like that!

Moreover, with a wide perspective, from the above, you be able to watch the precious ruins of Romans and Byzantines in Hierapolis, and the ancient pool in where Cleopatra has swum.

Briefly, the paradise on earth will be under your feet for minutes. By swinging in the air sleekly, you will be able to train your adrenaline-addict spirit at the best way!

The Landing Off

When the time is up, you will land off safely with your pilot in a village of Pamukkale. The professional crew members will be waiting for you in there to help you to get rid of the equipment.

After completing this part successfully, you will be able to purchase the photos and videos of your flying session.

After saying goodbye to the crew, we will pick you up to take you to your hotel back. As soon as you arrive there, our incredible Pamukkale paragliding event will end successfully and pleasingly.

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