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Pamukkale Trip from Belek is made to make your vacation in Turkey totally matchless!

In a day, you’ll depart from Belek and get to Pamukkale, the famous Cotton Castle which has amazing terraces called travertines and thermal waters.

In this trip, you will also have a chance to see the Ancient City of Hierapolis and swim in Cleopatra’s Pool! (you should pay for it but it is worth paying!) If you are excited enough, let’s learn the details!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Bus with Full A/C
Guiding Service (EN)
Full Insurance
Entrance Fees to Pamukkale

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Cleopatra’s Pool Entrance Fee

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Pamukkale Trip from Belek (All Inclusive) Program 

In the morning, actually at very early hours, we will pick you up from your hotel in Belek by our fully-equipped vehicle.

Even if the hour will be early, you will not get tired on the way: our tour bus is a good one with comfortable seats.

The ride will be fun.

Also, during the ride you’ll meet our professional guide in the bus and have a chance to chat!

Breakfast in Korkuteli

The first stop in our Pamukkale Trip from Belek (All Inclusive) will be Korkuetli.

In Korkuteli, we will enjoy a delicious and energetic breakfast. If you are not hungry yet, you might not eat but buy for something to eat later.

After this breakfast breaks ends, we’ll continue going.

After a while, we will head to Denizli, the city where Pamukkale is located in.

In there, first, we’ll have a delicious lunch. Thus, if you want, you can enjoy these tasty foods.

Next, we’ll start climbing to Pamukkale Mountain.

The Ancient City of Hierapolis

We will start the tour by seeing amazing Ancient City of Hierapolis.

It is at the peak of Pamukkale Mountain like a crown of beauty. But most importantly, it holds a very valuable past in terms of Roman and early Christianity era.

In there, you will see:

  • Roman streets
  • marbles,
  • columns,
  • altars,
  • structures,
  • gates,
  • temples,
  • and the Grand Theatre

Our professional guides will give you amazing information about Hierapolis, so it will be an informative trip.

So, enjoy learning about this UNESCO-assigned world heritage!

Having a Walk among Pamukkale Travertines

Afterwards, we’ll take a walk along Pamukkale Mountain.

Pamukkale Mountain is completely white and full of terraces and travertines.

If you dont know what a travertine is, you will learn here –and it is not like something that you can see in everyday life.

They are like bolconies made of white rocks, shaped by thermal floods. And they have unique beauty.

We’ll walk barefoot, though, to not to harm this unique lands. You will love the sense of the thermal water under your feet.

If you love it so much, you can dive into the termal pools and feel the warmth all over your body.

Nice End of the Tour

When we end walking along Pamukkale, we’ll go to Denizli and have a dinner.

Along the way, we’ll visit some of the factories that produces wine and carpet.

You can buy souvnirs from these places. Then, we’ll go to the restaurant, eat something and take the roads to Belek.

At the end of  Pamukkale Trip from Belek (All Inclusive), we’ll stop by Alanya.

We’ll enjoy the fresh air and lovely sight and find some peace. Then, we’ll take the roads to Belek.

When we take you to your hotel, the program will be over.

If you are interested in other Belek excursions, please feel to contact us!

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Reviews About Pamukkale Trip from Belek (All Inclusive)

4.75 based on 4 reviews
29 May 2020

If you want to see something unusual, start with Pamukkale. We went with children. At first, they doubted whether the children would be able to withstand such a long journey. But even they were so carried away by what they saw that they endured the road and the excursion very well. The ride is long but interesting, the buses are clean, the guides (there were two) on the way told a story, joked and held all sorts of contests.
In Pamukkale itself, we spent about 3 hours, which turned out to be quite enough. We returned to the hotel in the evening, tired but full of emotions)

11 July 2020

I liked the excursion very much, despite the distance of Pamukkale to Belek. I recommend.

17 September 2020

I really liked it, I advise everyone to go. Pamukkale is such a popular route that not visiting here is no longer acceptable 😀 In fact, despite the high popularity of this region, there is still something to see. Especially if you, like our group, are lucky with the guide. heluk, thank you for our excursion, for your wonderful, interesting stories. And of course, I would like to thank seperately the employees of this travel agency who organized this trip. I am delighted.

29 September 2020

We have already bought tours on this site, so we decided not to risk it and tgo with again trusted and reliable people. Despite the fact that it takes about four hours (a little less) to drive from Pamukkale to Belek, the road was not boring or difficult. The guide especially tried 🙂 did not let us get bored 🙂 Pamukkale certainly delights! We walked along travertines for a long time, took a lot of photos, got a lot of impressions. Many thanks to the excursion market. Recommended.

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