Paragliding in Kemer



Paragliding in Kemer is good as it sounds!
Think about it: Kemer is perhaps one of the most amazing districts of the Antalya. It nestles majestic mountains, a huge amount of jungles, magnificent beaches and the sea: So, what more could you wish for? Tourists like you, who choose Kemer in order to enjoy the nature and elegant pleasures never regret… Then boom: You even have a chance of viewing its beauty from the sky!
The mountain’s, which you will jump off, highest point is 2365 m. And every day, hundreds of tourists climb to the top –this much of height and experience this magical event!
After jumping, the most amazing sights will feast your eyes: The ancient city of Phaselis, Pirate Bay and islands, beaches of Olympos, Tekirova and Cirali…
In short, the landscapes will impress you – we guarantee it!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service

What is not included?

Any personal expenses

What to bring with you?


Who Is Allowed to Fly?

In general, there are some flight restrictions. For example, if you have diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, unfortunately, this event is not suitable for you. And, of course, flying is not allowed for pregnant women.
If you are okay, however, enjoy your flight!

Preparation for “Paragliding in Kemer”

The most important thing in preparing for paragliding in Kemer is to choose the right clothes and equipment.
Clothing part is on you –you should wear comfortable things. And all necessary equipment is provided by the instructor. He also explains things you should do in detail, during the briefing. The instructor does most of the work, but your actions will also be important for making the perfect jump.
By contrast with its wild vibes, paragliding is one of the safest sports in the world. That’s why, more and more people from all over the world come to Turkey every year to conquer a new peak for themselves, safely.
So, after wearing the required equipment and trusting your instructor, nothing will be scary anymore!

Working with Professionals

The Paragliding School located on Mount Olympos, with whom we have been cooperating for more than 10 years, has all the necessary certifications. And each instructor of this school has an impressive experience of flying in pairs (more than 100 jumps in total).
In short, you are totally safe, guarded and leaded by only professional crew members.

Program of Paragliding in Kemer

Now, let’s see how Kemer Paragliding program works.
Firstly, at the appointed time, you are picked up from the hotel reception –or other pickup points. Upon the arrival, you immediately get all the equipment and start learning instructions.
After a short training, you go to the top, to the launch pad. At the top of the mountain, you have a chance to observe Antalya’s magnificence and all the adrenaline-seekers just like you: Thousands of people who have decided on joining in this bravery-required adventure…Some of them even start flying… Now it’s your turn!
You’ll fly like a bird in the air enjoying the sense of freedom, breezing winds on your face and of course, loudly-beating heart at your ears! And feasting your eyes through the greenery and shining waters, you’ll collect incredible memories.

A Recommendation

The flight will remain in your memory for a very long time, doubtlessly, but it’s a fact that things that are captured by human memory are always on the verge of fading. Getting old, having some diseases or having some physical damage might cause this.
So, we suggest you making sure that your memories will never be gone. And to do so, you should buy the videos and photos that your instructor/pilot will take during your flight. Only solid memories can resist time’s devouring hand.
Paragliding in Kemer will give you a totally different look at Kemer and the Mediterranean coast! We are waiting for you at the top!

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Reviews About Paragliding in Kemer

5.00 based on 4 reviews
6 June 2020

Before the flight, I was very worried, but watching the parachutes take off and land one after another, all my doubts were dispelled. Many thanks to the pilot – the flight was fantastic! Do not be afraid of horror movies about danger, just look at the number of take-offs and landings and how they go and see for yourself. The guys are professionals in their field. Paragliding should be accessible to everyone.

9 June 2020

I liked the jump very much. Landing is very accurate, high quality. It was great!

2 August 2020

Cool adventure. Who doubts, do not hesitate 🙂 l have bought a tour here on the site, work very well. Transfer, instruction – everything was well done. I’ll tell you a little about my flight. After you have prepared for the flight, the instructor tells you that you will need to scatter at his command and after that the paraglider will pick up the air and you will fly almost unnoticed. After we were lifted into the sky and our flight began, the excitement and anxiety immediately recede. All that remains is to enjoy the flight. The flight time is usually about half an hour. This is enough to enjoy the views.
This was followed by a fairly soft landing on the ground. There were assistants already waiting for us. They catch and stop the paraglider on the run. Great job! Great experience!

10 September 2020

You go up on the funicular and go down on the paraglider :))) Very cool experience. The pilots are very professional and friendly, they explain everything, everything is clear. We got impressions and emotions for life. Many thanks!

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