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Our Priene, Miletos, Didyma Tour is great for people who want to view one of the world’s greatest monuments while also taking in some spectacular surroundings.

The tour is also interesting to those who want to understand more about the antiquity and mystery of this fascinating historical location.

We’ll see Priene, Miletos and Didyma for a superb day. 

Ps: It’ll take 6 hours minimum. 

What is included?

English Speaking Professional Guide
A pick up and drop back services by A/C transportations (From/to in-city hotels)

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Money for personal expenses

Let’s Start 

Professional guides will welcome you at the harbor. Then, you’ll be taken to Priene ancient city. 

Ancient City of Priene 

Welcome Priene city and its sacred beauties. 

Priene has a superb viewpoint over the Meander Valley and plain. Actually, the city of Priene was the first in the world to adopt a grid city layout.

Also, Priene is noted for having produced fine Hellenistic art and architecture. The city’s essential near Mount Mycale has never been found, although it is thought to have been on a peninsula with two harbors.

You will see the Temple of Athena and Bouleterion. 

You’ll love its aura and architecture. 

Ancient City of Miletos 

You will be taken to the ancient city of Miletos. It has amazing harbors as well as the honor of being the birthplace of some illustrious philosophers and saints.

Miletos also has a public theater that you may go see. On his third tour, St. Paul the apostle stops in Miletos. 

The city was known for its literature and scientific-philosophical luminaries, including Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, and Hecataeus, in addition to its trade and colonization. You’ll learn amazing details thanks to the guide. 

Ancient City of Didyma 

Lastly, you’ll be transported to Didyma, of which name can be translated as twin. Since Apollo and Artemis were born at Didyma, they are referred to as twins. Didyma is home to the second-largest Temple of Apollo.

It is regarded as one of antiquity’s most spiritual sites. 

According to the historians, Didyma was dating back to ancient times as the site of a huge Temple of Apollo, where a prophet predicted the future.

Didyma was not a city in its time, but rather a site of prayer. Pilgrims who arrived at Didyma in search of answers to persistent problems traveled this path.  

Our guide will tell you a lot about this and you’ll learn amazing things! 

When we see it all, we’ll end the session and you’ll be free to enjoy your day as you wish! If you like the content, don’t hesitate to call us and order this tour!  

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