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Join Short Ephesus Shore Excursion From Izmir Port if you want to see one of the world’s most recognizable structures while also taking in the magnificent surroundings, because our list has terrific spots to visit.

Everyone interested in learning more about the history and mystery of this extraordinary location will appreciate the tour.

Quickly, we’ll see gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Ephesus and outstanding building called House of Mary.

In a couple of hours, explore unique parts of Izmir! 

Let’s have a look at the specifics. 

What is included?

English Speaking Professional Guide
A pick up and drop back services by A/C transportations (From/to in-city hotels)

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Money for personal expenses

Let’s Start 

Experienced guides will greet you at the harbor at the scheduled time. Then you’ll be escorted to the ancient city of Ephesus. 

Ancient City of Ephesus 

Our first stop is magnificent Ephesus. 

Ephesus was the most prominent ancient Greek city in Ionian Asia Minor, and its remains may still be found here. 

Ancient towns have complex histories, and only a careful and professional approach can reveal their actual identities.

That’s why we suggest you to listen to the guides carefully! Ephesus is one of the several ancient towns dating from the ninth century BC.

And it was one of the Seven Churches of Asia, according to the Book of Revelation, and it has a lot of religious legends about it. Thus, this port city is also important for Christianity. 

You’ll see roads made of marbles, pillars, temples, library, theatre and many more. Since the city is huge, be careful about not losing your way! 

The House of Virgin Mary 

The House of Virgin Mary is the next stop on the trip in Ephesus.  

The House of Virgin Mary is a holy shrine near the ancient remains of Ephesus that many people visit as a pilgrimage route.

The House of Virgin Mary is thought to have been the residence of the Mother of Jesus. And according to legend, she died there after Saint John brought her there.

So, the religious stories of the inhabitants might be an interesting aspect of Ephesus. It would be a good idea to explore the place with this perspective.  

It’s also rich with the look and location. The house is tiny but well preserved up to today, and built with rocks.

There is a well near the house and the settlement is woods. This peaceful contrast will delight your heart and eyes. 

At the end, you’ll say goodbye to the guides and Short Ephesus Shore Excursion From Izmir Port will end. 

If you love the tour, contact us for further info! 

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