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Signing up for Side Blue Lagoon Boat Trip is what you exactly need in order to have an unforgettable summer day in Antalya Side! Of course, we will give more details about the reasons, yet you can have a general idea right now: Imagine yourself on a grand deck, under the warm sun, swimming and diving in the pure waters of Mediterranean Sea! Moreover, there is no crowd, uproar, noise, and a “battle” for having a sunbed or umbrella, which is often seen in beaches and shores.

Instead, you will be enjoying the isolation, comfort, fun and of course, amazing swimming stops to refresh your body. In these stops, you will be mixing to turquoise waters and make your holiday full of salty waters and iodic air! You will please your eyes, mind and soul, too.

Now, it is time to learn where we will visit during our boat tour. So, come aboard!

What is included?

Free Hotel Service
Guide service
Lunch (fish or chicken and salad)
Insurance for the duration of the excursion

What is not included?

Any personal expenses (photographs, souvenirs, etc.)
Local drinks: beer, wine, cola, fanta, sprite, water, soda, tea, coffee (unlimited) and Gozleme -pastry
Jet Ski, Sunbed

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Sunblock, sunglasses, headwear
Money for personal expenses

Cleopatra Bay: As Pretty as Queen Cleopatra

After taking you to the harbor and departing from there, we will visit Cleopatra Bay as our first swimming stop in Side Boat Trip. Surrounded by rocks and the hybrid of green and blue colors, this bay will let you release the stress: You will find peace in the refreshing waters of the sea.

During the break, you can enjoy swimming or relaxing on your sunbed on the deck or the beach, it is up to you! Since an amazing landscape will be your companion, you will never regret your decision.

Temple of Apollo: The Ancient Beauty

Then, we will start moving towards the harbor, which is the heart of the nightlife of Side. And it also is shelter for the remains of Temple of Apollo. From the deck, we will admire its ancient beauty and get impressed.

This break will be perfect for all levels of photographers, because of the artistic beauty of the background!

The Mouth of Manavgat River

Next, we will visit one of the most captivating points of Antalya, Manavgat River. Indeed, we will visit where this river mixes to the salty waters of Mediterranean Sea. Yes, you will be witnessing a natural miracle. Also, you can even be a part of it by swimming in there and diving in its unique mixture.

During our long break here, we will enjoy a very delicious lunch, too. That will boost your energy and help you continue having fun, which will never end on the deck of Side Boat Tour!

Caretta Turtle Bay

We will continue our sailing session with amazing memories by visiting Caretta Turtle Bay. As it signifies its name, this beach is a shelter to the eggs of cutest sea animals. If you are a lucky one, you might even see the begin of their lives: They will try to mix to the waters and stay alive. Wouldn’t you like to help them?

Foam Party on the Deck

The best part of our boat trip in Side will be the foam party on the deck!

At the end of the day, while we are heading to the harbor, we will say goodbye to you with a dynamic party. In this amazing activity, you will enjoy the high rhythms of the music, DJ performances and foams that will cover your body!

While dancing and having fun, you will understand immediately that you would regret if you had rejected our invitation!

Now, if you are ready to enjoy the warm hours, turquoise waters and unique party in a day, you should be one of our guests.

The only thing you should do is to book our daily Side Blue Lagoon boat trip online and easily, or contact us for further information: We will help you gladly!

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