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Joining in our perfect Side Off-Road Safari is one of the things you should do in Side, if you consider yourself as a true nature and “thrill” addict.

Even if you are not, you will be afterwards, if you choose to give it a chance.

Why should you, though? You might wonder the answer of this question, and we will tell it directly:

Because this safari will make your day totally unforgettable. On a special route, in an exclusive 4×4 off-road, at the heart of the nature, you will be enjoying the mysteries of Side.

Now, let us give you our route and program.

Then, you will be totally ready for a striking adventure in such a pretty scenery!

What is included?

Free Hotel Service

What is not included?

Any personal expenses (photographs, souvenirs, etc.)

What to bring with you?

Sunblock, sunglasses, headwear
Money for personal expenses

What Can You Expect from Our Side Off-Road Safari?

First of all, you can expect an ultimate comfort: We will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the safari field by out fully-equipped vehicles.

Then, you will hop on one of our 4×4 off-roads, which is another comfortable vehicle.

Thus, you will enjoy being our passenger for a day.

Secondly, you can expect an unending adventure in the nature:

We will have an off-road route that is full of beautiful scents, trees, flowers, hills, muds and waters!

Thus, you will leave the gray city and its stress, uproar and boredom behind.

And lastly, we will visit amazing places, take many photos and enjoy a delightful break all together! In short, you have all the reasons to say “yes”!

Unite with the Nature

During our Side Off-Road Safari, we will enjoy breathing the fresh air while we are passing by the jungles of Taurus Mountains.

While our professional drivers are driving the off-roads, you can enjoy the panoramic view of beautiful Antalya.

Get Muddy

Sometimes, we will splash the muds and waters: You should definitely wear something that you will not sorry for making them dirty!

Of course, those spots will fade after washing them, but you might let them be if you want have some “living” memories!

Delightful Breaks

During those couple of hours, we will have delightful breaks in order to enjoy the view and take amazing photographs!

You can chat with your crew, or meet new people. Also, you can taste some of the best dishes and beverages of Turkish cuisine, such as “gözleme” and “ayran”. You will adore that couple…

A Visit to Zoo

If you would like to purchase this extra item, you will enjoy a visit to the zoo during our off-road safari in Side.

The professional guide of the zoo will introduce those sympatric animals that will welcome you warmly! And you will feel you are connecting to each other!

Manavgat Waterfall: The Wonder of Nature

One of the most outstanding memories of this event will be visiting Manavgat Waterfall. Being a symbol of Antalya, this waterfall is worth-seeing with its untouched waters and glamour.

That is why, we will observe its magnificence and the hybrid of green and blue that covers the environment.

Meet the Humble Life of Side

The last stop of our route of Side Off-Road Safari will be a lovely village that is full of sincere and friendly local people.

You will learn many things about the Turkish hospitality by experiencing it.

Also, since the mosque of the village is important for them historically and culturally, we will visit that sacred structure.

When our trip ends, we will drive you back and take you to your hotel.

In short, your day will be unforgettable. In order to collect some golden memories in Antalya, you should contact us and be one of our guests, and enjoy an exciting ride!

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